The Russian Army Claim to Have Detected the War Secrets of American Planes

The Russian military has announced that it has learned a lot about stealth technologies for the fifth-generation F-22 stealth fighter aircraft that were involved in operations in Syria.

By using these fifth-generation F-22 stealth fighter aircraft in operations in Syria, the United States lost its  supremacy over Russian aircraft, the Military Watch said.


” The Iraqi and especially Syrian skies have become for Russia a treasure trove of information on how we act during operations. Our opponents are watching us, they are learning a lot , “said Air Force official Vera Linn Jamieson.

The F-22 air strikes on the territory controlled by the Russian surveillance systems deprived these fifth-generation fighters of their main advantage, which is a radar protection system.

According to the authors of the article, the Russian side has had sufficient time to discover and test the stealth technologies of these aircraft and to develop countermeasures against them. According to the article, the radars of Russian S-300 and S-400 ground-to-air missile systems completely control Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian airspace.

In order not to allow the Russian military to become aware of its stealth systems, the Israeli military will be forced either to unplug them or to use F-15 fighters.


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