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The ‘Rooneys’ May Be Drawing The Curtain On Their Marriage As Wayne Remains Unforgiven- Details Inside

We’ve been here some time obviously. In the list of Wayne Rooney’s accomplishments, loyalty isn’t on the list.

However till date he has been pardoned by his Coleen, as of now pregnant with their fourth child.

For sure, in the wake of becoming aware of Wayne’s most recent rashness, who didn’t accept Coleen would do what she has constantly done and rapidly brush over her errant spouse’s missteps?

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Coleen was spotted without her wedding ring in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, after the scandal surrounding her husband

Not this time. Seven weeks after being so publicly caught out — driving a woman home in the early hours, while three times over the limit, after picking her up in a bar — he remains absolutely unforgiven at home.

So much so that today Coleen flies off on yet another holiday with their three young children Kai, seven, Klay, four, and Kit, one, leaving Wayne at home to stew.

She will spend a week at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados with the boys and her family, while Wayne remains in disgrace alone in Cheshire, meeting his commitments to his football club Everton.

Wayne was spotted wearing his wedding ring as he arrived at The Lowry Hotel where his former club Manchester United was meeting

Wayne was spotted wearing his wedding ring as he arrived at The Lowry Hotel where his former club Manchester United was meeting

Friends close to the couple say that while Coleen, 31, will have packed plenty of bikinis for this, her seventh holiday in a year, she won’t be taking her wedding ring.

Removed in early September, when she was forced to cut short a holiday in Majorca to deal with his latest diversion, her £500,000 wedding and engagement rings have not gone back on.

One person close to the couple says: ‘She won’t put the ring back on. She is making him sweat.’

Wayne Rooney arriving at Stockport Magistrates’ Court. A source close to the couple reports Coleen is making the former England captain sweat


This despite the fact she is constantly followed by paparazzi photographers watching for the rings’ re-emergence as evidence that Wayne has been forgiven. As one in the couple’s camp tells me, she could end the story — and Wayne’s turmoil — in an instant by just wearing the rings.

But it seems that after this latest betrayal, she just can’t bring herself to do so. The scandal seems to have stretched her elastic patience beyond breaking point.

Her fury, I am told, has been heightened because Wayne has not been as repentant as he might have been. In the immediate aftermath of his fall from grace, he was mostly angry about media intrusion and ‘didn’t seem very sorry because he said nothing had happened’.

And so the frostiness chez Rooney continues. After nearly two months, there is still no indication when the deep-freeze treatment from Coleen and her indignant family might end.

It now seems possible that Coleen may decide, once their baby arrives in February, to ask Wayne to leave their £6 million Cheshire mansion for good.

One source in Coleen’s WAG circle gives this credence, saying a stay at her parents’ house with the children directly after her husband’s arrest ended only because Coleen thought it best they should return to the family home to give her sons stability at the start of the new school year.

The source adds that the timing of what Bill Clinton’s campaign team used to call a ‘bimbo eruption’ has been especially difficult for her to forgive.

 A friend close to Coleen and Wayne says she may ask him to leave their £6million Cheshire mansion once their baby arrives in February

She said: ‘That this happened within a fortnight of her announcing her pregnancy has been a particular blow.

‘Coleen is very proud. She is the queen bee of the local social scene and hates the idea of people laughing at her.’

A divorce would be heartbreaking for Wayne and leave a big dent in his £82 million fortune. Yet there is little evidence he is trying to win her round.



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