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The Revelation of Vladimir Putin On The Real Death Of Gaddafi: “What I regret most…………”  


Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly remorseful about the 2011 death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

And in essence the comments of the journalist Eric Zemmour.
Vladimir Putin’s regrets Vladimir Putin, who spoke of the strengthening of the Russian presence in Syria to fight against the Islamic state, Eric Zemmour explained in a word. “Gaddafi is the remorse of Putin that turns to obsession.

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The Russian president does not forgive himself for letting Sarkozy slaughter the Libyan dictator, while he would simply protect the civilian populations, “the journalist said.
According to Eric Zemmour, the Syrian president will not allow himself. “Gaddafi was massacred by Libyan rebels, Gaddafi bombed by French and British planes, Gaddafi whose absence leaves a country torn by civil war and into which innumerable immigration to the European Eldorado rushes.
(…) .The shadow of Gaddafi hovers over Damascus. Assad will not be a new Gaddafi, “the journalist added.


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