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The Reaction Of President Emmanuel Macron When His Wife Brigitte Was Offered An Anti-aging Cream. See details..


On June 29, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron were invited to Station F, a start-up incubator funded by Xavier Niel. And he will remember this visit a long time since a young woman allowed himself to offer an anti-aging cream to the First Lady

Brigitte Macron tries to hide it as best as possible, but remarks about her age have hurt her a lot. On June 29, she was traveling with Emmanuel Macron, her husband, for the inauguration of Station F, a start-up incubator. As he tried to advance through a compact crowd, a young woman held out a pot of anti-aging cream to the President for the First Lady

It is the cameras of  Quotidien  that immortalized this moment, very embarrassing. Indeed, this young woman hands the cream pot to the President, specifying that it is ”  for Brigitte “, and he agrees to take the pose so that the latter can make a picture. This entrepreneur, did not hesitate to gently rebuff Emmanuel Macron, who held the pot upside down. At the time of returning, he could not help but make a very strange pout.


 An age difference that disturbs

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron are 24 years apart. A difference in age that disturbs a lot. In an interview with  Femme Actuelle  a few months ago, the President of the Republic confided: ”  It is my wife, the woman of my life. We decided to build a life together, even if the social representations were not with us. It is ordinary misogyny. If the age ratios were reversed, everyone would find it formidable. Our history taught me a lot. One never builds oneself in the gaze of others. ” 

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