The Queen is About to Cross Over – US’s Wendy Williams tells Harry and Meghan

US talk show host Wendy Williams has some big opinions when it comes to the British Royal Family.

Late last year she took a jab at Prince William and wife Kate as she asserted, in an unfavourable tone, that they reminded her of American President and First Lady Donald and Melania Trump.

Now she’s pouring oil onto the flames by claiming Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle had no obligation to tell the Queen that they would be stepping back as senior royals because of her advanced age.

She also stopped herself mid-monologue to address the Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, to tell her “nobody cares” about her birthday yesterday.

Wendy – host of The Wendy Williams Show – has voiced her support in the past for Harry and Meghan.

The couple – who hold the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex – have been in the spotlight even more so than usual recently after the announcement that they’d be stepping back as senior royals.

Contrarian Wendy said: “I don’t think [the Queen] needed to be consulted.

“These are these peoples’ new lives. The Queen is about to cross over at some particular point.”

After the audience gasped in shock, she demanded: “Are we gonna talk or are we gonna talk?”

Not one to mince her words, she once again took aim at the Duchess of Cambridge.

She paused after making mention of Meghan – but not without a sly jab at her.

“The thing [Prince William] had to do was choose the right woman,” she reckoned, “And certainly a woman like Kate was not the right woman.

“Kate wanted to be royal…oh, by the way, happy birthday Kate, nobody cares.”

Her scolding words drew more gasps from the audience as Wendy made plain again that she doesn’t care about filtering her opinions.

Wendy once again poured scorn on the Duchess of Cambridge (Image: Getty Images)

In December, Wendy slammed the Cambridges by claiming they were “pushed together”, in contrast, according to Wendy, to “genuine couple” the Sussexes.

After Kate appeared to shift away from her husband when he affectionately touched her, Wendy said it reminded her of Melania Trump recoiling from President Donald.

“Kate shrugged William like Melania shrugged President Trump,” she insisted.

Later she added: “So apparently they’re [Kate and Prince William] doing some sort of press.

“Kate, no Meghan, no Kate rather, the boring one, appeared to shrug him off.

“Is that a shrug off? I thought it was a shrug off.

“Normally when someone touches you you lean into them or touch them back. Clap if you think that was a shrug off. OK. They are boring to me.”

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