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The Presidential Processions in Africa: The Obsession Of The Heads Of State, The Ordeal Of The People

African heads of state hold on to their chairs but also to their lives to the point where their security turns to obsession. They stop at nothing when it comes to ensuring their close protection. And they put the price by injecting astronomical sums in the acquisition of the big displacements and armored vehicles.

In Africa, the passage of the presidential motorcade sometimes creates a climate of intimidation and fear among the population given the number of vehicles and bikers lined up but also the spectacle that offers to onlookers. One question remains: who are these presidents afraid of? People who elected them? Would they seek to impress their peoples who are already crumbling under the weight of environmental misery? Would they try to dissuade any possible attack that could be fatal to them?


So many questions that call for another. Admittedly, they are free to fully enjoy their status as the first citizen, but do they need to squander hundreds of millions of francs for their security? While this money could be used to finance the construction of infrastructure in several sectors of activity.

While waiting to dissect all these questions in an upcoming Africa Top Success article, here are the impressive processions of some African leaders in recent years.



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