The Pentagon Is Considering A Pre-emptive Strike Against North Korean Bases!!

Pyongyang announced that it plans to attack the US military bases in Guam as of mid-August, the Pentagon plans to carry out strikes against some twenty North Korean sites.

The Pentagon has prepared a pre-emptive strike plan against North Korean missile launch sites, and will implement it if President Trump signs an appropriate decree, NBC television quoted military sources as saying.
According to the channel, the key point of the plan is an attack with the use of strategic B-1B Lancer bombers from the base of Andersen based on Guam Island.


US B-1B Lancer bomber strikes could target some 20 North Korean missile, test and technical maintenance sites, according to NBC.

This announcement, concerning the Pentagon projects, follows an exchange of threats between North Korea and the United States. US President Donald Trump promised on Tuesday the “fire and anger” to North Korea if it again threatened his country. On the same day, the KCNA agency announced, quoting a statement from the North Korean Strategic Forces, that Pyongyang was studying the possibility of hitting US bases in Guam, 4,000 km from Pyongyang, with strategic Hwasong-12 missiles.
Guam is home to the Andersen American Air Force Base, where strategic B-1 bombers make refueling stops during their overflights of South Korea, as well as the Apra Harbor naval base.



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