The Origin Of The Baobab Tree

In Africa, the legendary Baobab Tree’s have thrived for thousands of years.  Truly magnificent, some of these majestic trees are thought to have lived for up to 5000 years, reaching spectacular heights of over 30 meters.

A symbol of hope and opportunity for African communities, locals lovingly refer to them as the “tree of life” or “magic tree” because of their exceptional nutritional and medicinal qualities.


For as many years, African communities have been enjoying the Baobab Tree’s amazing benefits; not only by eating it’s delicious fruit, soft pinky flesh and spinach like leaves. They also use these magnificent trees to provide shelter and water across dry and arid regions of Africa where little else can thrive.

Our Baobab powder is sustainably and ethically harvested in Africa where it provides employment to around 300 locals and sourcing from 3000 small-scale rural producers.

source: boabab co


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