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The Names of these 4 Ghanaian Villages Threw the Parliament into Laughter and Confusion

Ghana’s parliament bursts into laughter as local village names Vagina is Wise, Penis is a Fool and Testicles are Sad’, are read out by MP

The parliament was treated with a pill of hilarity when a Member of Parliament referenced the names of some villages in his constituency that included references to genitals.

The name mentioning was as a result of MP John Frimpong Osei asked when villages in his constituency would get access to electricity.

The parliamentarians could not keep a straight face when the village names such as ‘Vagina is Wise’ and ‘Testicles are Sad’ were mentioned.

A video posted on Twitter shows some slumped over their desks laughing and a female MP wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.


These are the English translations for the Twi names:

Etwe nim Nyansa – “Vagina is Wise”

Kote ye Aboa – “Penis is a Fool”

Shua ye Morbor – “Testicles are Sad”

‘Providing them with electricity may interfere with nocturnal activities,’ Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko joked in response to Mr Frimpong Osei’s request.

But he added that a survey would be carried out to figure out how the villages could be linked up to the national grid.

Lots of Ghanaians had never heard of the village names until they were read out in parliament.

Such town names are usually decided by the first settlers of such communities who use their life experience to pick the name of their village.

According to the World Bank’s latest report in 2016, almost 80% of Ghana’s population has access to electricity, which is almost double the average rate across Africa.


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