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The Moving Story of How Samuel Eto’o Supported a Young Ivorian to Achieve His Dream

This moving story that has been around the web has been reported by our colleagues from Abidjanshow. Former indomitable Lions captain Samuel Eto’o is not only a great footballer, but also a man with a big heart who is always ready to help people he meets in his path so that they realize their dreams. It is in this perspective that the former star of FC Barcelona has returned to a fact that happened to him in Côte d’Ivoire, more than ten years ago.

” I went to Ivory Coast. At the Plateau. I finished doing some shopping for my wife. I climbed into my car and then a young Ivorian rode with me, I was scared but he quickly approached me, so I calmed down,  “said Eto’o. And to the young man to say to him:

”  Big brother, excuse me, it’s not to attack you, listen to me a minute, after, you can call the police for my intrusion into your car  .”

He was so polite to me that, reassured, I told him to speak: ”  Big brother, I park the cars in the Plateau here, I have ambitions, I have dreams, I have projects but he there is no one to help me, I want financing  .


” I listened blindly for a while, then I told him: Hold a check for 3,000,000f. Hold my number and give me yours, I will come back to Abidjan in 12 months, if you have multiplied the 3,000,000f, then I will really help you. He came down from my vehicle, very motivated. I returned to Abidjan in October 2008 but before that he had called me two months before to tell me that he had multiplied the money.

When I arrived, I called him, we saw each other, and he showed me a hardware store, two red taxis. He ran his own hardware store, and in the evenings the taxi drivers came to give him the recipe, so much so that I was proud of him. It’s people like that that make you want to help them.

You pity someone, you give him money, instead of creating an activity with that, he goes to the bar, he tries to undermine, live life. This young man so seduced me with his intelligence that I did not hesitate to help him more. He has expanded his activities. Thanks to me and him, more than 25 young people have a job …   “


Written by How Africa

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