“The most villain empire”: Venezuelan President Calls On The Army To Stand Ready Against The US

After the new sanctions imposed by the United States, Nicolas Maduro raised the tone and called on the Venezuelan army to “oil” its weapons. Some Venezuelan nationals were banned from entering the United States.

"The most criminal empire": Venezuelan president calls on the army to stand ready against the US

Nicolas Maduro on September 26, 2017, photo © Reuters

“We have been shamefully threatened by the most criminal empire that ever existed and we have an obligation to prepare ourselves to guarantee peace,” said President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, speaking to his troops during a ” a ceremony at the Libertador air base in Maracay, in the north of the country.


“[It is necessary] to have the guns, missiles and tanks properly oiled, prepared … to defend every meter of the territory if necessary,” he added, two days after the US President Donald Trump’s decision on September 25 to include Venezuela in a list of countries facing restrictions on entry into the United States.

Washington had already imposed sanctions in  Venezuela in July 2017 and the US president had warned in early August that the United States was considering several options, including military options, to end the political crisis in the country .

“The future of humanity can not be the world of illegal sanctions, economic persecution,” said Nicolas Maduro, dressed in an olive green shirt and a military cap. During the ceremony, during which the head of state asked the army for its loyalty, hundreds of soldiers carried out land and air maneuvers, including the disembarkation of troops and hand-to-hand combat.


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