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The Most Powerful Armies in Africa And the World Ranked; According to 2018 GFP Survey

In its latest edition of 2018, the US site specializing in defense issues Global Fire Power (GFP) ranked the Egyptian army (12th worldwide) as the first powerful army on the African continent.

It is followed by the Algerian army at 23rd place worldwide and second in Africa.
According to GFP, in Africa, Algeria is followed by South Africa (33rd in the world), Nigeria (43rd), Angola (48th), Ethiopia (51st), Morocco (55th), Sudan (70th), Libya (74th) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (75th), after gaining two positions compared to the 2017 ranking.


This ranking was based on fifty criteria, including active manpower, naval strength, availability of fuel for military operations, number of fighters, defense budget and logistical flexibility.

The United States, Russia, China, India and France remain the five largest military powers in the world, according to GFP.



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