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The Most Expensive Divorce in the World? Amazon’s CEO and His Wife are Divorcing With $160b at Stake

The American billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, consecrated the richest man in the world by Forbes magazine , announced Wednesday, January 9, divorcing his wife after twenty-five years of marriage.

“We want to make people aware of a development in our lives (…) we decided to divorce and continue our lives as friends,” write Bezos, 54, and his wife Mackenzie, 48, in a tweet posted on sir’s account.Publicity

“We remain a family, we remain dear friends”, they conclude, after having explained that they were, during their twenty-five years of marriage, “partners in companies and projects”.

Jeff, who is also the owner of the Washington Post, announced his divorce, which could lead to the most expensive divorce in history, with a fortune of $ 137 billion at stake.


Separation could lead to the most expensive divorce in history as there is no information that the couple has a prenuptial agreement, which means that the wealth accumulated during their marriage should be divided equally.

According to CNBC, the law that applies here is that of the State of Washington, where they reside, which provides that the property amassed during the marriage is divided in two between the spouses at the time of divorce – unless otherwise agreed otherwise. The case is complex: the fortune of Jeff Bezos largely consists of the 16% that he holds in the capital of the company, so far the most valued in the world. And the statement seems to indicate that the spouses will continue their joint investments in the future.

Bezos became a millionaire only in 1997 – four years after their marriage. MacKenzie would have been one of the first employees of Amazon.

The couple, who has four children, met while working for New York-based investment firm DE Shaw, long before Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.

Legend has it that part of Amazon’s strategic plan was written during a car ride from the New York couple to Seattle.


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