The Meaning Behind Couple’s Sleeping Positions

If the way you sleep looks like it could be the cover of a romance novel, you’re doing The Fabio. You’re lucky–that’s a fiery passion that won’t burn out.

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction!”
When she makes room to let him take up more space in the bed, that’s the Ms. Accommodate. He either has more power in the relationship, or his leg is experiencing a charley horse. Either way, ouch.
Not quite as passionate as The Fabio, but still pretty great. It means you’re intimate, but not intimate enough to get past a PG-13 rating.
Aptly named after the king of utensils, Spooning is the king of all cuddles.

It means you two like being close and secure. OR you’re sleeping in a dorm bed and this is kind of the only way.
The Yoda, also known as a Gender-Swapped Spoon. Because sometimes the guy wants to be held and feel secure too. Also, sometimes the girl wants to talk like a Muppet and say “Judge me by my size, do you?”
The gender-swapped version of Ms. Accommodate. Here, the girl holds the power in the relationship. Or she’s just having a dream that she’s flying. In any case…powers.
The Middle Ground is a good in-between. Facing the opposite direction means that you two are independent, but touching backs means you’re still very close. Also, if one of you gets an itchy back, the other makes a pretty good scratching post.
If you’re sleeping with your legs woven together, you’re doing The Knot. You two are so close that you don’t know where you begin and he-or-she ends. Or, you’re both really, really craving pretzels.
When your partner’s limbs are so sprawled out that you’re practically falling off the bed, you’re experiencing The Human Starfish. It’s like the Mr./Ms. Accommodate…on steroids. Either they hold all the power in the relationship, or they’re just looking for air. Better check on the A.C.
The Mirror: When you’re angled towards each other, but not touching. Basically, you’ve been together so long that you don’t have anything to prove. Frequently favored by married couples and people in long term relationships who “don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that we’re in love.” Okay, cool.

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