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The Legend Of World Football, Diego Maradona Believes Vladimir Putin Is A “Man of Peace!”  

A true sporting icon, Diego Maradona, did not hesitate to praise the qualities of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also felt that Latin America was under increasing pressure from the right and the United States.

“I think that after [Hugo] Chavez and Fidel [Castro], Vladimir Putin – [alongside Ariel] Ortega and Evo [Morales], is part of the” top league “of political leaders,” said the 30 June with journalists the star of Argentine and world football Diego Maradona. The famous sportsman is currently in Russia to attend the final of the Confederations Cup, an international football competition. He took the opportunity to answer questions from RT .

The legend of world football, Diego Maradona, believes that Vladimir Putin is a "man of peace"© Juan Barreto
Diego Maradona

“[Vladimir] Putin is a man who can bring peace … in this world,” assured the Argentine, not hesitating to call the Russian president a “phenomenon”. While he has not praised Vladimir Putin, Diego Maradona mocked the American president by saying: “For me, [Donald Trump] is rather a comic […] a cartoon.”


The former 56-year-old footballer added that he did not think the United States was a dominant force in international relations. “The United States is no longer the sheriffs,” he said.

“[The Latin American continent feels] increasing pressure from the right. By right, I mean the United States, “he said, stressing,” The right is stronger now. The right has more money. They can buy a lot of things. ”

Outraged by this situation, Diego Maradona broke the nail by explaining: “Previously, under the [previous governments], people had at least food, but now in Argentina there are people who die of hunger. It’s sad. It’s very sad. And this is not only about Argentina, it is the case of Brazil as well ”


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