“The Lady in Red?”: The Identity of the Mysterious Passenger of Putin’s Car Finally Revealed (VIDEO)

Interviewed by the presence of an unknown passenger in the back of the car of the Russian president, media and Internet users have suggested that it was his companion. The reality was actually more banal, revealed the spokesman of the Kremlin.

On July 11, a visit of Vladimir Putin to an Orthodox monastery on the island of Valaam in north-western Russia made media headlines for a reason far from being religious.

"The Lady in Red?": The identity of the mysterious passenger of Putin's car finally revealed (VIDEO)

In an official video, you can see the Russian president arrive at the wheel of a Mercedes, then park the car in front of the monastery. Having left the driver’s seat, he opens a rear door. It is at this moment that one sees in the back seat a piece of red cloth and a hand, pointing at the back of the president.


If the scene lasted only 10 seconds, it was enough to launch crazy rumors about this passenger, renamed “lady in red” by some, who assured that it was the companion of Vladimir Putin.

The incident aroused such interest that the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, had to comment on the situation. He said that the mysterious passenger sitting in the back of the car was none other than a member of the security service of Vladimir Putin. Dmitry Peskov said the president “wanted to take something” in the back of the vehicle. Apparently, it would be the jacket he wore when he greeted, a few seconds later, Patriarch Kirill.


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