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The Kill-for-Pay Plan’- CIA Files Reveal US Plan To Execute Cuban Gov’t Agents, Including Fidel Castro For Just $0.02

President Donald Trump affirmed the release of around 2,800 best mystery records on Thursday identified with the government examination concerning the death of previous President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

One file uncovered a plot crafted by senior pioneers in the Kennedy Administration urging Cubans to slaughter government specialists for money related prizes.

The bounties for focusing on Communist sources, cell pioneers, office heads, remote supporters, and government authorities went from $5,000 to as much as $100,000. The arrangement, as indicated by the recently discharged document, was to drop handouts from the air in Cuba publicizing the prizes.

A meager $0.02 was offered for the killing of Fidel Castro, then Cuba’s prime minister.


In 1975, Edward Lansdale, a prominent CIA intelligence official, testified to the Senate that the pocket-change offering for the Cuban leader was meant “to denigrate … Castro in the eyes of the Cuban population.” Lansdale was known for leading counter-insurgency missions in developing countries, especially in Vietnam and the Philippines.

The recently released JFK file goes on to say that once the plan was implemented, US agents would “kidnap known [Communist] party members thereby instilling confidence in the operation among the Cuban populace and apprehension among the Cuban hierarchy.”

The kill-for-pay plan — dubbed “Operation Bounty” — never took hold. Lansdale said he “tabled” the concept because he didn’t think “it was something that should be seriously undertaken or supported further.”

It’s unclear why exactly he thought the plan should be scrapped. The CIA had, on numerous occasions, attempted to assassinate Castro and overthrow his Communist government.


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