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The Inspiring Story of Doumbia Youssouf: From Street Child in Abidjan to a Boxing Champion in France

Doumbia Youssouf is a lover of noble art: boxing. Born June 13, 1983 in Abobo. But very early, the little Doumbia will leave the school benches for the education of the street. This rice seller’s son has received many blows in life but never gave up. Today, he finds himself in France where he excels in his field.


It is at 11 years old that Youssouf leaves the house for the street. Fights, banditry, drugs were the dailies of the young Doumbia. A habit that will quickly take him to join a Boxing Club. Without knowing it, he had just launched the start of a career that will push him a few years later to leave his native Ivory Coast.

Combat, victory, KO are the dailies of this young perseverant. “At first I was a good football player. But a gentleman spent a day wondering why I’m not interested in boxing. He said to me, ‘a good fighter is a good boxer’. I went to his room with my guys. After a fight with one of his boxers I decided to leave the world of dealers to give me this discipline. “

This is the beginning of a hard work for Youssouf who managed to climb the ladder. First of all it was to establish itself as leader in the boxing hall and to confirm in fights. 

It was in 2007 that Youssouf Doumbia started his professional career. He met several great champions of France before being the winner of the 2016 League of France.

Today, he lives in France. Courbevoie, in the Parisian region, Youssouf Doumbia, a young Ivorian native of Abobo, was trained in this English boxing training room.

Today, Doumbia aka “the problem” dreams of reaching the summit.


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