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The Inspiring Letter 5-Year-old Blue Ivy Wrote to Her Mother Beyoncé and Her Grandmother

Blue Ivy, 5, wrote a beautiful letter to her grandmother (Jay-Z’s mom) and her mother Beyonce.

As you read, it is easy to see that the words come from the heart and that the letters are all the more beautiful.

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In the letter to Jay-Z’s mom, she thanked Gloria Carter for giving her daddy Jay-Z.

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For my grandmother. I love you, thanks for creating my dad. You make me happy. I want to have a big heart like yours.

Then, in the letter to Beyoncé, she thanked her mother for giving her brother and sister. She also thanked him for loving him and his dad.


For my mom. Thank you for my brother and sister. Thank you for loving me and my father. But above all, thank you for being yourself. I love you

The letter was for Blue Ivy, a way to congratulate Beyonce and Gloria Carer for receiving the WACO Award for Humanitarian Theater 2018 at the Wearable Art Gala.


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