The Incredible Story of How World’s Most Wanted Man, El Chapo Was Finally Captured by Mexican Navy

The interesting and intricate detials of how the infamous drug baron, Joaquin Guzman popularly known as El Chapo was captured by the Mexican Navy Seals has been revealed.

Infamous drug baron, Joaquin Guzman a.k.a El Chapo
These gruesome images show the bloody aftermath of the daring raid by Mexican marines that killed five of El Chapo’s cartel henchmen and led to the arrest of the world’s most wanted drug lord. Graphic photographs taken inside the kingpin’s compound show bodies strewn across the blood-stained floor following the 4am firefight on Friday.
Five of the notorious Sinaloa cartel members were slain by marines and six were arrested, but El Chapo made another of his infamous escapes, slipping out through a sewer system with his right-hand man El Cholo Ivan.
The military found out El Chapo’s hideout after he met with actor Sean Penn for an extraordinary interview 
Hours later they were both detained at a nearby motel in the town of Los Mochis and El Chapo has been returned to the same maximum security prison he fled from six months ago.
Locals in the seaside town said no one had been living in the gated, heavily guarded property until the night before the gun battle, when a black pickup truck arrived outside the two-story home.
Inside the luxury apartment of El Chapo’s hideout
The bloody pictures appeared to show all five of the drug baron’s lieutenants who were killed in the gun battle with Mexican marines on Friday.
All of the dead are seen lying in pools of blood next to heavy machine guns used to fight off the military as El Chapo slipped out through a drainage system, only to be captured hours later.
A vast arsenal of weapons was seized, including loaded rocket launchers, rifles, semi-automatic weapons, grenades and armored vehicles.
Despite the huge cache of firearms, only one marine was hurt and did not suffer life-threatening injuries.
El-Chapo lived in super luxury while in hideout
A Mexican official said that El Chapo’s extraordinary meeting and interview with Sean Penn in October led to his eventual capture. But as the gruesome photographs from inside his lair emerged, the Los Angeles Times reported that it was in fact a neighbour in Los Mochis who alerted the authorities to the kingpin’s location.
Weapons seized, including loaded rocket launchers, rifles, semi-automatic weapons and grenades
Mike Vigil, a former senior officer with U.S. Drug Enforcement’s Administration’s operations in Mexico, said someone in Los Mochis saw people moving heavy weapons from the armored cars to the home El Chapo was found in and tipped off police.  Locals said there was no sign such a notorious gangster could be living in Los Mochis until a month or two ago, when the innocent property once owned by two brothers who ran a Baptist church suddenly became a hive of activity.
Inside the luxury apartment El Chapo hid for months
Intensive renovations transformed the house – which is just yards from a school – into an architecturally unremarkable but completely enclosed structure.
Windows and glass doors with horizontal grating were installed and new walls advanced right to the sidewalk. The new owners also installed surveillance cameras, but no one appeared to live there until Thursday evening, when a large black pickup truck appeared in front of the home.
Some of El Chapo’s men who lost their lives during the gunbattle
El Chapo managed to escape Friday morning’s raid at the compound on Friday morning with his most-trusted hitman known as El Cholo, but were caught hours later by federal police officers as they tried to flee north after stealing a car. While waiting for back-up, the cops took the two men to sex motel, where El Chapo was handcuffed to a bed, The Guardian reported.
In a room that costs 300 pesos ($16.72) for six hours, he was detained on a satin bedspread, with sex toys and lubricants sat on a bedside table.
The military were led to El Chapo’s hideout after he met with actor Sean Penn for an extraordinary interview deep in the Mexican jungle. Intercepted electronic communications between Penn and El Chapo closed the Mexican military’s net and led to an aborted raid days later. It was called off because the wanted man was in the company of two women and a child.
More of El Chapo’s loyalists gunned down
Penn’s sensational interview for Rolling Stone almost saw the world’s most wanted drug lord captured in October – just days after he met Penn – but a raid had to be aborted because El Chapo was with two women and a child. The double Oscar-winning actor and del Castillo – who had been in direct contact with El Chapo after his escape from the Altiplano jail – are now under investigation by the Mexican authorities.
El Chapo admitted in the bizarre interview with Penn to being the biggest drug trafficker in the world and said he sent engineers to Germany to learn how to build the tunnel he would eventually use to escape a maximum security prison. Remarkably, Penn did not tell the U.S. or Mexican authorities he had met with the fugitive and scores of people have called for him to be arrested for aiding and abetting El Chapo.
Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said it was ‘grotesque’ of Penn to meet with the Mexican. The Mystic River star wrote in his rambling 10,000-word article that he did not turn El Chapo in because the drug lord’s trust ‘was not to be f***ed with‘.
‘I take no pride in keeping secrets that may be perceived as protecting criminals, nor do I have any gloating arrogance at posing for selfies with unknowing security men. But I’m in my rhythm. Everything I say to everyone must be true,’ Penn wrote.
El Chapo was caught after contacting actors and directors about making a Narcos-style biopic about his life, Mexican officials said. It is not clear whether Penn was contacted about the movie. The seeds for the bizarre meeting between Penn and El Chapo were sown back in 2012 after a representative for the Mexican gangster contacted del Castillo, who had posted tweets saying she had more trust in the cartel than the government.
A lawyer for the Sinaloa cartel said flowers were being sent to the actress, however they never arrived.  Del Castillo later met a fixer called Espinoza – and both of them remained in contact with El Chapo’s people after his escape.
Penn later met Espinoza and suggested he meet the fugitive for a magazine article and, incredibly, the Sinaloa cartel agreed to it.  The actor then traveled to Mexico from Los Angeles, where El Chapo’s accomplices – including his son Alfredo – drove them to an abandoned airfield and then flew them to near the Mexican jungle.
El Chapo and El Cholo fled through a sewer and jumped into this white Volkswagen before they were caught
It is there that Penn and El Chapo sat down for a seven-hour interview, quaffing tequila and eating enchiladas and tacos made by a local family.  Mexico has notified El Chapo that he is wanted in the U.S., formally beginning extradition proceedings against him, according to a statement issued by the Attorney General’s office. Guzman was informed by Interpol agents at the maximum security prison where he is being held.
The extradition process may be lengthy however, as lawyers for El Chapo have already filed six separate injunctions challenging requests to send him to America. Juan Masini, former U.S. Department of Justice attache at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, said the extradition process could be drawn out over a period of months.
‘They can challenge the judge, challenge the probable cause, challenge the procedure,’ he said. ‘That’s why it can take a long time. They won’t challenge everything at once … they can drip, drip, milk it that way.’

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