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The Incredible Story of a Woman Who Gave Birth Alone With the Help of YouTube

A woman who doubted her pregnancy was allowed to use videos on YouTube to learn ”  how to deliver my own baby” after she rented a room in a Turkish hotel.

Tia Freeman was leaving the United States for Germany for the holidays when she began to feel contractions as the plane landed in Istanbul for a stopover in March.

The 22-year-old girl, who was in “denial”, having been informed of her pregnancy only at six months, assumed she had been intoxicated by a meal she had eaten on the plane. It was only when she passed the customs that she realized she was in work.

Freeman, an IT specialist in the US Air Force, revealed her incredible story in a Twitter feed, which has since been shared thousands of times.

Determined not to give birth at an airport, Freeman went to her hotel room and began searching YouTube for the best way to give birth.

She filled a bath with warm water and grabbed two towels – one to squeeze between the teeth and bite hard, and the other to wrap the baby – she started to push once her contractions started to occur every minute.

After five or six outbreaks, the baby “came out” and “floated to the surface of the water.”

After checking the sex of her newborn, she was forced to search Google for cutting an umbilical cord without any tools beyond a knife.

Using sterilized laces like pliers, she managed to cut the cord before exhaustion began to settle. After cleaning the bathroom, “which looked like a horror movie,” she nursed her newborn baby and fell asleep.



The next day she headed to the airport to find out how she was going to leave the country with a newborn baby.

After convincing the local police and Turkish Airlines staff of its history, the local media were warned and it made headlines in the country.

Although  Freeman’s delivery was a success, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) “strongly discourages” women from giving birth alone.

“Although the MRC recognizes that every woman has the right to give birth without professional help, there are potential risks for the mother and the baby and the MRC would strongly discourage women from giving birth alone without professional support or skilled medical help.” 


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