The Incredible Reaction of Melania Trump After Shaking Hands With Vladimir Putin

Tuesday, July 16, was a historic summit between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. At the summit, the two heads of state first met for one to one for more than two hours. Then, the enlarged delegations took a lunch before answering questions from the journalists. At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their interest in improving relations between the two countries.

If during this first meeting between the two presidents, several important files were discussed, it is not the content of this meeting that made the most talk but rather Melania Trump.

Netizens paid close attention to the facial expression of US President Melania Trump’s wife after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

On social networks, a video runs in a loop. On the broadcast, we see the First Lady smile and shake hands with Putin. But the second after, when the camera shines on her, the expression of her face changes radically.

Twitter users suggested that the reason for this change was “horror”.


“It looks like she looked badly in the eyes,” wrote one of the users.

“Because of his look, I’m frisking,” confesses another.

There are those who saw in the face of the first lady the scenario of a thriller:

“Look at Melania’s face after shaking Putin’s hand. I saw that look before Trump’s inauguration when she was terrified of Trump. Now, she is afraid of Putin because she knows that he keeps his life and that of his family in his hands. “


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