The Hidden Reason Why Singer Brandy Collapsed Revealed!!


While many will say that the sweetest times in one’s life is when you are wealthy and famous, the fact is that the best moments in one’s life is when you and those you love and care about—are healthy.

I don’t have to mention many sick millionaires and wealthy guys you might have come across, and admired their lives to the extent of saying “I wish I were you,” but upon realizing their health situations, you completely even don’t want to remember their story. Hope you with the current Cancer, diabetes and kidney failure prevalence, you know why you will not want to remember [them].

This is the reason why when a cancer patient is told by a doctor that “you have one year to live,” you start valuing each day spend, more than you used to value the money and fame.
And also this explains why every Brandy’s fan was very much worried and concerned upon hearing the news about her health condition. I am sure the news got much of [their] attention, more than if they could have heard that “Brandy has released a new album.”

It’s good that Brandy’s health condition wasn’t as bad as we might have thought.


Ray J, confirmed that her sister was at home resting following the recent incident where she collapsed.

This came after it was reported earlier on that; Brandy was leaving Los Angeles for a work trip to New York City when she lost her consciousness—just before takeoff. But, the R&B star regained consciousness on the way to the hospital, following flight attendants’ call to the Los Angeles Fire Department, for medical aid.

The incidence forced, Ray J to fly out of town to step in for his sister at a fan convention, which Brandy was expected to attend, According to reports from TMZ.

Ray J also shared that “exhaustion” was the reason why sister Brandy Norwood was rushed to the hospital.
“Yes, she is good. She just requires some rest,” Ray J told TMZ, explaining that they’ve been traveling extensively for various work, without getting enough rest.

By June 4th, the star was still at home getting some recommendable rest as she recovers, according to the report from her brother Ray J says.

And as Brandy’s fans, we are glad to hear that she is having some much-needed rest.



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