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The “Great Burnt” Andrea Grant Shares More Photos Of Her Miraculous Pregnancy!!

Andrea Grant Shares More Photos Of Her Miraculous Pregnancy


Andrea Grant is known all over the world, under his nickname “the great burnt”. A sobriquet that she carries so well, considering the punishment she experienced at 9 years in the family home.

Victim of a burn in the third degree, having spoiled 85% of her body, she is condemned to live with, for the rest of her life.

But, Andrea is a very strong woman who knew and was able to overcome all the attacks, fears and frustrations to become an important person in society. It serves as a model for many victims of burns and gives them confidence. She says she’s not a “lambda” girl. “I’m not trying to become a model, but I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally, because I’m a queen,” she says.

It serves as a model for so-called “normal” people by giving them tutorials on Youtube, makeup and beauty tips.

Today she is proud to share her second pregnancy with her fans around the world. But to get there, it was not easy. The doctors had made her believe that she would never have a pregnancy finished because of this big scar on her stomach.

Asked why she wanted to post pregnancy photos on social networks, she said, “I wanted to share this pregnancy with other survivors through a series of photos to prove that everything is possible.”

One last message she sends is this: “Look at yourself in the mirror, find something you love about yourself and build your trust around it.”






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