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The Full History Behind Picnics, Thanksgiving & Black Friday

This is a must read for every black person living – “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ~George Orwell

Picnic, Thanksgiving, BlackFriday, do you really know what those events and celebrations stand for?

Here is a little bit of background history about these social events and celebrations Black people should avoid.

What is a Picnic?
In America, the word “picnic” or “pick-a-nigger” referred originally to gatherings held to lynch Blacks. A black person was randomly “picked” and hanged for the entertainment of whites. The whites, including families, ate from box lunches while enjoying the barbaric act. If this is true we should stop using the word picnic, replacing it with outing or gathering.

“It is clear that picnic was not derived from “pick-a-nigger,” “pick-a-nig,” or similar racist phrases. However, some of the almost 4,000 blacks who were lynched between 1882 and 1962 were lynched in settings that are appropriately described as picnic-like.

Phillip Dray, a historian, stated: “Lynching was an undeniable part of daily life, as distinctly American as baseball games and church suppers. Men brought their wives and children to the events, posed for commemorative photographs, and purchased souvenirs of the occasion as if they had been at a company picnic.”  Bray did not exaggerate. At the end of the 19th century, Henry Smith, a mentally challenged 17-year-old black male, was accused of killing a white girl. Before a cheering crowd of hundreds, Smith was made to sit on a “parade float” drawn by four white horses. The float circled numerous times before the excited crowd tortured, then burned Smith alive.  After the lynching the crowd celebrated and collected body parts as souvenirs.”-Ferris
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What is Black Friday?
Friday was a day where slaves traders in America hold open market for slaves sales. Whenever a shipment of slaves came in, and there were hardly any disease or deaths amongst them (men, women and children), they call it a “Black Friday” to celebrate the fortune they will make.

However, if a shipment came in and there were mostly sick people, the traders call it a “Red Friday”, because of the bad outcome and “red” because they would have to kill all the sick and weak salves (because no one wanted to spend money feeding or treating those men, women and children).



What is Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is like celebrating a Genocide!

Thanksgiving day is literally a holiday celebrating the beginnings of the almost total extermination of an entire race of people, commonly called “Indians” and the enslavement, continued oppression and genocide of the Africans people by european settlers in America.


“By 1637, Massachusetts governor John Winthrop ordered the massacre of thousands of Pequot Indian men, women and children. This event marked the start of a Native-American genocide that would take slightly more than 200 years to complete, and of course to achieve its ultimate goal, which was to take the land from Native Americans and systematically plunder their resources. The genocide begun in 1637 marks the beginning of the conquest of the entire continent until most Native Americans were exterminated, a few were assimilated into white society, and the rest were put in reservations to dwindle and die.

In other words, to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US is like setting aside a day in Germany to celebrate the Holocaust. Thanksgiving is the American Holocaust. The original crimes of genocide and slavery are not limited to US early history but have found an extension in the current policies of modern-day US.” – NewsJunkiePost

The mere fact that these events still are celebrated means their is no guilt about what happened, and they could possibly happen again. History is doomed to repeat if we don’t learn from it to built a different future.


Written by How Africa

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