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The End Is Near: For This Russian Patriarch; ‘Sin Is Transmitted By The Cinema And The Theater’

The end is near: for the Russian patriarch Kyrill, the sin is transmitted by the cinema and the theater© Sergey Piatakov Source: Sputnik
The Russian patriarch Kyrill


The signals of the end of the world. This was the subject of Patriarch Kyrill’s preaching at a religious celebration in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow on 20 November.

“Today, sin is not simply obvious. […] Today it is transmitted by the most attractive means – through the cinema and the theater, “the patriarch insurgents, before criticizing the fact that current art has, according to him, deviated from his initial goal: “enrich the soul.”

Kyrill deplored the fact that the artistic circles “repeat the mistakes of their ancestors”, who “brought the country [Russia] to the Revolution”. The patriarch stressed that it was not the moment to “wave the boat of human passions”, but to “rally all the valid forces”.

“It’s visible to the naked eye. It is necessary to be blind so as not to approach the terrible moments of the history, of which the apostle John spoke in his Apocalypse, “said the patriarch, before recalling that, according to the Christian faith, the arrival of the The end of the world depended on human beings because it is up to them not to let the Earth “fall into the abyss of the end of history”.


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