‘The Eldest Man In The World’, Francisco Nunez Olivera Dies At 113

Francisco Nunez Olivera, presented in Spain as the oldest man in the world, died at his home in Spain – a month after celebrating his 113th birthday.


He died around 10:30 pm Monday night.

The mayor of Bienvenida, a village in south-west Spain where he has lived all his life, describes his death as “a pity for the whole village and the whole world,” reports the Spanish newspaper El Periodico.

Francisco Núñez Olivera, born in 1904 in southwestern Spain, known still under the small name of “Machena” had experienced “World War I, Second, Civil War, three kings, two republics, a dictatorship and democracy “, according to an article in August 2017 of the newspaper El Mundo.


The retired farmer made daily walks alone in his village until he was 107 years old and had started reading again at the age of 98 following an operation to cure his cataracts.

It was apparently one of only two occasions when he went to the hospital.

Guillermo Fdez Vara, president of Extramadura, the region Olivera lived in, paid tribute to him on Twitter: “Rest in peace, good man. Until never Marchena.

In recent months, Spanish newspapers have given him headlines even if he does not appear in the list established by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), American research group on the elderly -reference for the classification of “supercentenaries . “-

“It was certified and we were doing the steps to get him into the Guinness Book of Records,” Antonio Carmona, mayor of the village of Bienvenida, told the AFP. Extremadura (east).

The deceased leaves behind four children, nine grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren
The supercentennial became the oldest man in the world after the death in August 2017 of Yisrael Kristal, a Holocaust survivor who lived until the age of 113 and 330 days.

In 2015, he told El Mundo newspaper that he wanted to live for a few more years despite the death of his friends. “I know I’m old but I do not feel old,” he said.


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