The Dogon Tribe Of Mali, The Nommos and The Sirius Stars

Far off in the brush of the West Africa there lives a tribe of people that have stirred up a lot of interest in their mythology. The Dogon, from Mali, have some interesting beliefs, elaborate rituals and myths. They believe that they are descended from ancient Egyptians and their story goes back further than 50,000 years.Their stories contain actual facts about the solar system and ancient history.

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It all started when a couple of anthropologist began studying the Dogon and became very interested in the astronomical information their stories seemed to tell about Sirius (The Dog Star, the sky’s brightest star and a star important to the ancient Egyptians). The anthropologists claimed that the Dogon informed them about two companions stars of Sirius (or Sirius A). This was in the 1930s when the details of these stars were not fully known.

Robert Temple wrote a book about it in 1976, called The Sirius Mystery, that popularized the story and got many people wondering. Temple’s book showed how the Dogon’s beliefs could have come from history and tied some of their myths to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

The existence of the first companion star (Sirius B) is now known, it’s a white dwarf, but it isn’t visible to the naked eye. The existence of the second companion star (Sirius C) is not yet proven but some studies believe its existence is possible. They also apparently know about other invisible solar system facts, like the moons of Jupiter. But even if they did get their information about the stars from the ancient Egyptians how did they, even if they were master astrologers, know about these non-visible phenomena?

That’s where it gets interesting because the Dogon have an answer for that too and of course it involves ancient aliens. The aliens, who were amphibians and are called “Nommos”, came down to Earth from the Sirius star system, where their home planet is, in ancient times just when of Mesopotamia was getting its start. The Nommos explained some details of the stars to the people of those times and that information the Dogon preserve to this day. Many anthropologists remain sceptical.

The Science

The Sirius star is visible to the human eye. Over time many stargazers from ancient history up to today have watched the brightest star in the sky, although it is 8.6 light-years from Earth. In fact, it is speculated that ancient Egyptians may have even aligned the pyramids with Sirius in mind.But it was not until 1862 that astronomers discovered a second sirius star, a dwarf sun, and named it Sirius B. The original larger star was renamed Sirius A!

Now for the first time in astronomical history, scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope isolated light from the white solar dwarf known as Sirius B orbiting its huge and bright companion, Sirius A, in the constellation Canis Major. Since the Sirius B discovery in 1862, astronomers have been frustrated by the intense glow of Sirius A overwhelming their ability to observe and weigh the small and dense, Sirius B.

This breakthrough was recently published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.


The Mythology

The Dogon tribe of West Africa believes that the starting point of creation is a star that revolves around Sirius and is known as the ‘Digitaria star’. Their understanding is that this star is small, but heavy, and contains the building elements of creation.”

Two French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen studied the Dogon tribe that live in an isolated mountainous region of Bandiagara, south of the Sahara Desert in Mali, West Africa. Mr. Griaule wrote about their discoveries of the Dogon tribe in his book, “Conversations with Ogotemmeli”, published in 1947.

Ogotemmeli was the tribe’s oral historian as was his father before him. He states that we were created by beings that genetically engineered our DNA. In fact, he said that our DNA was manipulated three times and that three different versions of humans were designed. This was due to failed experiments by out creators. Amphibious aliens from the Sirian star system, that landed on earth with “great noise and wind” on a 3-legged spacecraft. These aliens combined their DNA with the DNA of single sexed animals – us.

The Nummo came from the Sirius star system and resembled serpents, lizards, chameleons and fish!

That’s right this isolated African tribe have an oral history that claims Mankind was genetically seeded by a race of aliens called the Nummos and that this race of space-aliens came from a star system that only now, with advances in science and orbiting telescopes, can finally confirm the beliefs of a African tribe that originally migrated from Egypt

So the big question is or should be, “How can an isolated tribe, a people with no written history, have scientific information concerning stars light years away that astronomers are just confirming today?”

Although, their places of origin seem to defer, there are amazing similarities between the Nummo and the Annunaki who came to earth and settled Sumer. Ironically, both species of aliens are reported to have been in Egypt approximately 4-5000 years ago. Both races appear in ancient mythology as being dressed as fish or amphibians! Zecharia Sitchin has amassed a life time of information about the Sumerians and the 12th planet.

The question is: how could the Sumerians know about the above things in days of old when there were neither telescopes nor satellites? Sitchin claims he can answer the question. According to him, the Sumerians received secret tips from the aliens who the planet Nibiru, The 12th Planet sitting between Jupiter and Mars on that Berlin cylinder. The aliens allegedly visited Earth repeatedly every 3000 years

. “It is all in the texts including the myth about Anki and Earth,” says Sitchin. Andy Cheng, a researcher from the Voyager Two mission liaison team, admits that many similarities between the two planets do exist, the planets might as well be called “the twins.” As regards the all the other statements by Sitchin, they “just astonish me,” as Mr. Cheng put it. ”

Finding water on Uranus and Neptune was not a mind-blowing experience. And all the planets but Mars and Venus have liquid cores. We also expected to find a magnetic field. The color of the planets ceased to be a mystery years ago,” said Mr. Cheng. Moreover, he believes that a planet X would be devoid of any life forms if it really existed in the solar system because of it would be located too faraway from the Sun.

Nommo Figures

The Dogons: An extraordinary set of people from Mali, West Africa have baffled Nasa Astronauts and well known Rocket Scientists around the world with their sophisticated and advanced knowledge of the universe. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent fleeing religious persecutions and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. The Dogon star, which scientists call Sirius B, wasn’t even photographed until it was done by a large telescope in 1970. How did the Dogon gain this knowledge thousands of years ago without any known ancient telescopes yet to be found???????

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