The Danger In Eating Stone Fruits Like Mangoes, Plums, Apricots- You Need To Read This!


Many stone organic fruits like peaches, plums and fruits contain amygdalin, which is profoundly in the pit. (Apricot pieces are inside the pit and furthermore contain high amygdalin.) The human body changes over amygdalin into cyanide, which can bring about harm in the event that you eat enough.

Cyanide poisoning becomes a risk when people intentionally eat the inside of pits or kernels. Crème had been cracking open the cherry pits to eat the meat inside.

Some people even eat stone fruit pits or take extracts from them intentionally. In fact, you can buy apricot kernels directly from and Sunfood also sells a package of sweet apricot kernels, which contains a warning on the back not to eat more than 8 in a day. Organic Traditions sells packages of bitter apricot seeds, mentioning that some people use it as a cancer treatment.


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However, the compound inside apricot pits is sometimes called B17, but its formal name is amygdalin. Many alternative medicine sites claim that apricot kernels can cure cancer, but peer-reviewed medical studies reveal that they have no cancer-fighting properties.

In 1980, the FDA banned the sale of Laetrile, a drug sourced from apricot kernels, due to the risk of cyanide poisoning and the lack of health benefits. But that hasn’t stopped the damage from eating the kernels straight—a danger not confined to adults seeking alternative remedies. In 2010, a 2-year-old ate about 10 apricot pits and subsequently died of cyanide poisoning


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