The Contents Of Kim Jong-un’s Letter To The Australian Parliament Finally Unveil

Pyongyang has sent to the Australian Parliament a demonizing letter Donald Trump and criticizing his threats against North Korea. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the “unprecedented” initiative proves the effectiveness of sanctions against North Korea.

The Australian Parliament received  a letter from  Pyongyang criticizing  Donald Trump  ‘s speech to the UN General Assembly in September, said Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

The head of diplomacy revealed Thursday the existence of this letter to Fairfax Media and described this initiative of North Korea as “unprecedented.”


The letter, allegedly sent by Pyongyang to parliaments of other countries in the world, critical for the  US  to “completely destroy” North Korea. It says that “if Trump believes he can put the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, nuclear power, on his knees threatening a nuclear war, it will be a huge miscalculation and proof of his ignorance.”

The authors of the letter call on Australian parliamentarians “to carry out their mission and their duty and to remain vigilant with regard to the odious and reckless measures taken by the Trump administration”.

“This is the first letter ever received by the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs from North Korea … It’s an open letter, it’s not their habit to send letters around the world” Bishop said, quoted by Australian daily Sydney Morning Herald.

According to her, this letter testifies to the fact that “the collective strategy of allies and partners that aims to put maximum pressure on North Korea and impose diplomatic and economic sanctions on it works”.

The letter written by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea was forwarded to the Australian Diplomatic Mission in Indonesia by the North Korean Embassy in Jakarta on September 28th.

Source: Sputnik News


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