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The Color Of Your Poop Says Quite A Lot About Your Health


A normal bowel movement is a harmony between not pushing or strain and furthermore not having such an eagerness to the point that you scarcely can hold it.

The vast majority of us don’t consider checking our stool in the latrine before flushing it away. Yet, in the event that you are principled about your well being, you should investigate a consistent basis. The shading, surface and consistency of your crap can give signs about your inward well being.

When it comes to your poop, look for consistent changes rather than temporary abnormalities that only last a day or two.

Consistent changes that last a week or more can say a lot about your health.

what your poop tells about your health

Here is what your poop says about your health.

1. Hard Poop in Pieces

If you are spending more time on the toilet seat because your stool comes in the form of little, individual hard pellets or sausage-shaped but lumpy that is hard to pass, it can mean that your body is either dehydrated or you are constipated.

You may also be constipated even if you are going to the bathroom on a daily basis, but your stool is consistently hard and comes out in pieces after straining to pass it. Pushing or straining too hard is not good, as it can lead to hemorrhoids that are all too common today.

Drinking more water and eating food high in both soluble and insoluble fiber can help.

2. Black-Colored Poop

Newborn babies’ stools are black in color for the first few days after birth, but soon the color changes to normal.


But if an adult passes black-colored stool, it may be due to certain minor issues like eating something very dark colored (i.e., black licorice or blueberries) or taking a medicine or supplement (for example, iron causes black poop).

But if black-colored stool is occurring consistently, it can be a sign of a more serious problem like bleeding in the upper part of your digestive tract due to ulcers, bleeding sores in your esophagus from acid reflux, noncancerous tumors and cancer.


3. Red- or Reddish-Colored Poop

Just like black stools, stools that are red or reddish is not normal. It may indicate bleeding in the lower intestinal tract, such as the large intestine or rectum. This can be due to noncancerous tumors, cancer, inflammation in the colon (colitis), polyps in the colon, diverticular disease and even hemorrhoids.

However, if you pass reddish-colored poop for only a day or two, then there is nothing to worry about. This can be due to intake of red food coloring, beets, cranberries, tomato juice or soup, red gelatin or drink mixes.


4. Green-Colored Poop

Passing green-colored stools likely means you have consumed too many leafy green vegetables or food containing the same coloring, such as ice cream, cake frosting, jelly beans and so on. It can also be due to iron or other supplements you may be taking.

If you have green diarrhea, it means your meal moved through your gut too quickly, thus not giving the fat-digesting bile time to turn it brown.


5. Blood in the Stool

Seeing bright red blood in your stool is something you need to take very seriously.

Visible blood in one’s stool is the primary sign of rectal bleeding. Blood in the stool can be bright red, maroon or even black in color.

On the other hand, blood streaks on the outside of your stool may indicate that hemorrhoids have broken open or you have a strained sphincter due to constipation.

Other causes for blood in your stool are a bleeding stomach ulcer, colitis, abnormal blood vessels, inflammation of the stomach lining, anal fissures, polyps, cancer, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease or an intestinal infection.

Whenever you notice blood in your stool, you should see your doctor to rule out the possibility of any serious health issue.


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