“The Chief” Album Is An African Diaspora Story – Nigerian-American rapper, Jidenna

Nigerian-American rapper, Jidenna has enjoyed a strong reception to the release of his first ever full length album, “The Chief”.

The record is extremely influenced by his Nigerian roots and Jidenna has shown that there’s more to the man we first met as part of Wondaland — Janelle Monae’s talented collective of musicians.

Now the singer has spoken in greater detail about the music that influenced his new sound as well as the work that went into The Chief.


Jidenna revealed while speaking on The Breakfast club that the album is an African diaspora story.

“On ‘The Chief’, there’s all these stories of trials and tribulations of me kind of discovering myself as a man, what it means for me to be a man, what it means for me to be a chief in the modern day, and you’ll see, in the midst of it is an African diaspora story.”


Written by PH

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