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The Black Man Who Found a “Cure For All Diseases” Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims & Wins!

Before you decide to impulsively reject this information based solely on personal bias, this man’s story is worth a closer look.

Born on November 26th 1933,  in the village of Ilanga in Spanish Honduras, Dr. Sebi, or Alfredo Bowman has been treating and curing some of the most deadly diseases known to man including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

He has treated famous patients such as artist Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes and pop legend Michael Jackson, who swear by his practice. He also has spoken about helping Steven Seagal and Eddie Murphy’s mother amongst others.

In 1988 he was forced to go to court where he was being sued by the attorney general of New York after placing ads in local newspapers that he could cure any disease.

For the trial Dr. Sebi was told he must bring one patient for each major disease he claimed he could cure. The number of witnesses needed were less than 10 but, much to the courts surprise, 70 cured patients came forward forcing the court to drop the case and rule in Sebi’s favor.

Below you can watch a news report from CBS about Dr. Sebi’s practice and also an interview with Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.

So what do you guys think? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. They sued him cuz he was black and to the judges greatest surprise 70 witnessed came out which they needed only 10. The world need to wake up and give the Black man the chance so he can bring out the genius in Him that has been silent all this while cuz we are in one world and all hands must be on deck to make the world a better place. no man is an island neither can a tree make a forest.

      • That is not why you should get mad… ” i am mixed… consider myself more black than white”

        Black people or those affiliated with blacks should not be the only ones who care about justice. This man might have seemed like a “crazy old fool” and never taken seriously. How is that fair? I am sure his color did not help.

        When we realize that we should help each other… regardless of race, it will be a better day.

    • everthing all ways comes down to the colour black.. It was not because he was black it was because he was attacking the rich ppls profits on pills… Fuck off with ur race shit

      • Exactly! I’m black and I get sick of this black crap myself! It has nothing to do with race! The only color that matters here is GREEN! These doctors don’t want to cure becuz it stops the cash flow! Sick of ignorant black people always throwing the race card!

    • Hopi prophecy tells of the four directions, the four colours of man and their responsibility to the world. This man has fulfilled part if not all of one of those prophecies.

  2. In my opinion I think Dr. Sebi should be given the good support by the government also According to his own knowledge and effort much as approved Is actualy more than discouraged justicaly HowAfrica

    • They never will. It’s too much money being made from the anti viral med hiv patients take. A cure? They had that when they created the virus then sent it to Africa saying it was a cure for malaria…

      • I agree with your philosophy this is what Rasta is saying too. Listen to gslaxyagiwe station. Online. 102. 5fm. Its psychological, psysical, sptitual etc warfare. But if we fight them with their own laws, they know rhat we know our rights. We need to do something and if anyone want to involve me in petioning or proesting, im all armed. Raising awareness of this diet is my main aim in life. I hate the fact that out of my home, I can’t find a place or even SOMETHING to eat. He needs to be known worldwide for us to have a sane world. Dr sebi is a god and we need to help him fight Satan,, he needs our support. Let’s campaign peeps.

    • He tried that already when Mandela was in the seat & was rejected. Sickness is big business. Problem is people want to pinpoint the elder & say he affords the tools/application of healing when it should be the nation where he comes from. Food is atached to culture so if the food being consumed is coming from those who invaded the land, then there will be issues with health

  3. The issue of skin colour is the one that led dr. Sebi to be sidelined, by the time he announced the kind of decease he cured and he was about cure, it was back then where blacks were black and whites were white. As he has won the court case lets give him support and revive him, as he has proven the court he only wants to save the world incurable deceases. Where is Government support? Hope the doctor will transfer his skill to young african people as african continent is in need of such leaders

  4. By what authority is he healing people? If he doesn’t invoke any evil spirit, I support him. Otherwise, no way!

    • What is your opinion on or of evil spirit? Be aware that the late King Solomon in the bible used the same evil spirits to build the temple. If evil spirits can convey good messages of how to heal diseases without drinking chemicals into our systems, then I support whosoever can make use of them for positive purpose.

      • King Solomon was a believer .He never used evil spirits to build temple. What he used instead were the jinn. He had a great number of powerful jinn in his command who performed extraordinary feat for him. There still are jinn among us today but jinn can not be seen with naked eye. Among them are the good and the bad ones. The bad ones are those who possess beings ( Animal, human, tree, etc) and make people do crazy stuff.

    • Thats real ignorant for you to say he cured over 70 people proof that its no funny business, its people like twist & turning the story to make something ignorant, magic spells omg are you kidding me, grow up!!!

    • what is this evil spirit matter that u falling about , he heals with food and herbs, you cool now? smh these religious Africans

  5. I think that this is definitely true. I don’t like his overwhelmingly religious reference but many people are limited to using that vocabulary when they don’t know how to explain things. It’s no secret that cleaning our diet to the minimal things he mentioned will cure almost everything. But people don’t want to believe that; they want food to comfort them. Governments will not fund these type of methods b/c this will lead to people discontinuing or lowering their consumption of garbage processed, fast, heavily preserved foods-of which governments and big corporations make so much money off of- along with medical systems. They make money off of people eating bad food, getting sick, taking pseudo medicine and running up their medical bills. It would cost them too much money to tell the general public to just eat right.

  6. i appriciate and support him. fiw people on earth they know better more than a millions people,as far as i am concern he did a good job, how many people die in each day becouse of lack help and medication?as long as he can cure the pateinet.not only me we have to support him all of us,sience without religion,religion without sience is meaningless.

  7. I feel that Dr. Sebi is as pure as they come, A servant of the most High and is being led by God through the knowledge he is being fed, I pray God let no weapon formed against Dr. Sebi prosper, in the name of Jesus.

    • Search him on Facebook he has a Web page and there u cud send a msj but will take like a week to respond and there is a number you cud call, he cured my wife.

  8. Sir,I would rather someone uses evil spirits (If it ever exists)to heal than you and i who purport to invoke good spirit yet we have nothing to show. He brought 70 witnesses healed from different diseases and the court set him free. Bravo Dr Sebi you have my vote.

  9. The reason why the government doe not want you to know about this guy. Is because for the government, there is no money to be made in a cure. The government makes it money by selling you it’s chemicals, and to keep billing your insurance companies.

    • I agree with you 100%!! I fail to believe that no cure has been discovered for certain diseases. When it comes down to it the government is all about the money. They could care less about lives. It’s sad but true. And like mackcarter stated, there’s no money to be made in a cure.

  10. in my own opinion dr ssebi should be given full support from world health organisation to improve on his findings and the law should defend him by giving him acopy right over his discoveries.thanks doctor

  11. Of course they don’t want him to cure you because then people would start to question the high cost of health care.

  12. i have always known that these greedy so called super powers will frustrate every attemp and effort to find lasting solutions to these diseases that have crippled Africa so much,because of the huge amount of money that some of their citizens and their pharmaceutical/medical organs are making from Africans.But truth can only be suppressed for a time,it will eventually prevail.

  13. Magnificant man; powerful with knowledge.would love to sit in on one of his seminars again no matter where it maybe held, i will get there. My life change completely from the knowledge i received from Dr Sebi. Continue to save lives and educating the world on how to get healthy.

  14. The government does not want you to know about people like him. People like Dr. SEBI taking away the government’s money and they don’t like it. God bless Dr. SEBI for what he’s doing.

  15. It figures theses open enemies of god ! would try to stop this man from curing our people. They are some wicked people. Thank God he won! peace

  16. I wonder if the government had any involvement in Lisa’s accident. She talked about a great man who helped heal people through natural herbs and fasting. It seems like whenever there is a threat to strike change in the way masses look at health. It is followed by an accident to keep people blind. Idk just thinking out loud.

  17. I need dr Sebi , I am sick with scleroderma . the gov should applaud this great doctor. I wish Dr Sebi could share his knock with other drs I need help have nowhere to turn . This disease is destroying me . God bless Dr Sebi

    • Naomi, he gave you the cure. This is what I’m doing and it works for me. More energy, losing un-wanted weight, more alert, and better sleep, less aches and pain in my back and knees. Start with fasting, cut out all white foods from your new lif style, no red meat whatsoever ever. Some baked fish and lots of boiled, baked and raw vegetables, I tend to go more raw. Lots of beans, beans, and more beans, yams, Garlic, onions, leeks, beets, greens, cabbage, sprouts and any vegetable that you like and try new thing that you’ve never tried. Make your fresh juice every day and add Alfalfa, wheat germ and red clover. Look it up and do your research. Drink lots of alkaline Ph water (10.0). This will start detoxing your body. As you research you will develop more healthy ways to keep you healthy. It doesn’t happen over night, but if you stick with it, it really works. Less salt and sugar, replaced with more spices and herbs, your body will adjust to the change in less than 30 days and your taste buds will be very excited with this healthy life change. Hope this help you get started.

      • FYI Dr. Sebi speaks against the consumption of Garlic, carrots,any bean other than chick peas,beets and cabbage etc. So, you may want to do a little more research, start by gaining knowledge of hybrid foods…

  18. This man is gonna disappear……. Just because some greedy people will lose Billions if this mans medication is made available …….. Its a Cruel world … This will end the day we (africans) get off our knees and face the real enemy……..

  19. i would love to be able to reach Dr. Sebi, for i have several family members and love ones who have some of these ailments….thanks

  20. The fact that this doctor heals believing in the healing power of God in awesome. He told this woman to fast for 40 days ad Jesus did proves this. The fact that he uses natural herbs to heal these diseases is a true blessing given to him by God…and as long as he gives God the glory for his ability to heal the sick then he will be a blessed man. I pray the the becoming famous does not take away from his blessing and many can be healed by his Faith in healing the sick. Amen

  21. Yes, I believe he can do these things. Anytime God is added to the equation. Things get fixed. The creator knew all these physical issues were to be when he created this world, so he also created the things to heal the people and the land.

  22. I’ve always believe the cure the cure for every disease can be found in nature and the powers that be have been accessing them but denying the general public the same acces for years. Why? 2 reasons: 1) population control 2) profitability. Can’t make money on treatments if everyone is cured. How is it that Aids is less than 100 years old? Either its a lot older and used to be easily cured OR it’s been unleashed on society in the last few decades to raise profits.

  23. I don’t think it has anything to do with color. It has to do with some one making false claims and maybe taking people’s monies that are desperate. Not saying he did of course but that is why we have these laws to protect citizens. It’s not a good idea to always jump to the color first. You have to put logic into the equation.

  24. Depopulation!!! It’s not about money. They don’t want to rid the world of all known dis-ease. Noone would die and they reckon were already using up the world’s resources. They want to reduce the population to make it easier to control.

  25. I strongly believe that the reson why Dr.Sebi was prosecuted is because his practice was going against society normal flow, remember that the health business is not designed by society to cure you but yet to maintain you in a state of dependance of the health community ( hospitals, pharmaceutics, doctors etc…) that’s the way they make they money, do you know how much money a cancer patient spend, remember insurance does not cover many important operations and many other concerned bills and that include almost all cronic deseases, some people will see a medical insurance as a good thing but it feeds of the mayority not the individual and dont provide the assistance that u really need. Ladys and Gent’s open your eyes, the food industry is controlled by pharmaceutical that also control hospitals which investors owne the main food chains who has large investment in Insurance companies witch are the share holders of the largest banks whitch Gold sustain the country you live in so they control the policies created over political and business interest witch are poisoning the people that has no knowledge of the scheme created from your own money you deposit in those banks. So yes they is who put all the GMO, chemicals, hormones and crap into you food and then get the FDA too aprove it as eatable, to aprove fast food chains and processed food, This is happening every where it need to be stop.
    Ps. DR. Selby cured my wife cancer and diabetes my family are living story of his work, find him on Facebook there is a Web page send a msj and will be answered in a week or less also there is a number
    310-8382490,[email protected], please share this info I hope anyone and everyone get cured have a bless day Cheers

    • English is obviously not your first language, yet I understand what you’re saying and you raised a good point. The western medical and food industry feeds off our ignorance, while it prolongs life and missery, it does not prevent or cure disease, instead it feeds off us and feeds us processed crap and chemicals. Pharmaceutical and the food industry are definitely a revolving door for cause and treatment, not cure, for disease. Did you know that margarine is virtually plastically.Chemicaly altered and saturated to produce a butter substitude, yet its molecular structure is 98% plastic. People need to go into super markets while yelling ENOUGH, and start throwing tubs of margarine all over the place…..V

  26. Dr.Sebi has an office in Los Angeles Cell food store. He also has a cookbook online I use. The article is old, he has been curing all diseases for many years and offered to cure people when Bush was in office for FREE but they went with red cross. It’s all about having an organic alkaline body. All diseases starts with mucous if u get rid of mucous which is caused by chemical and starch u can rid yourself of any disease. It’s all about having an alkaline diet. You can start by drinking alkaline water with PH of 8.0 or higher. I suggest 9.5 or 10.0 and get his cookbook. You’ll get sick initially part of process of removing toxins after that everything change try it for 2 months. That’s all u need to heal yourself

  27. wow i thought he was amazing i hope more people read what he has done and word spreads around the world of all his cures its good to know there is someone out there willing to help and cure others

  28. I guess I believe, I know a woman who had cancer when I first met her about 30 years ago. She was under treatment with Dr. Sebi. Today she is alive and well and still walking around.

  29. The government sued him because he is not promoting toxic chemicals that cost huge amounts of money to obtain. Diseases keep the pharmaceutical companies in business. Could you imagine what would happen if cancer were cured? Begin with education, careers, hospitals, medication, Collapse Oncology? I think not.

  30. I agree with the comments regarding big Pharma because it threatens their credibility and integrity and financial revenue. One would think you would generate more income from his knowledge of curing the sickness rather increasing it with medicines that causes several side effects than a cure.

  31. People that are in power and rule the finance and economic world don’t want a cure for these diseases because it would cripple the world’s economy and cause major kaos and loss trillions of dollars. And these people will never let that happen!

  32. ألم تر أن الله أنزل من السماء ماء فأخرجنا به ثمرات مختلفا ألوانها ۚ ومن الجبال جدد بيض وحمر مختلف ألوانها وغرابيب سود

    See you not that Allah sends down water (rain) from the sky, and We produce therewith fruits of varying colours, and among the mountains are streaks white and red, of varying colours and (others) very black.

    ومن الناس والدواب والأنعام مختلف ألوانه كذلك ۗ إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء ۗ إن الله عزيز غفور

    And of men and AdDawab (moving living creatures, beasts, etc.), and cattle, in like manner of various colours. It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah. Verily, Allah is AllMighty, OftForgiving.

    [Quran 35: 27 – 28]

  33. I wish he could have cured my husband instead of leaving him die at his village November 2014. I’m still awaiting a telephone call from him or his daughter that manages the village. Thanks to the U.S. Embassy for assisting me in retrieving my husbands body.

  34. This site is pretty rad. So people actually believe this shit? He shouldn’t be in jail for false advertisement, he should be locked up for reckless endangerment. Cool that you guys believe in fairy tales though.

  35. It will always come down to maintenance and/or cure.

    Maintenance makes the top wealthy.
    Cure equals no profits.

    The good Dr. is very lucky he’s still alive.

  36. If you like his work you will love muti, health cures by use of human body parts snatched from living persons. Yes, real life in Africa.

  37. Respected Dr. Sebi, I am a physician.iwould like to work with u.if u please.i am from phone no. +91 94633 89062.

  38. All I can say if this doctor can do all he says and his witnesses vouch for him……then EVERY DOCTOR WHO CARES about helping people should learn how he does it….and START DOING IT. Do you know how successful they would become right away??? This doctor should be touring every hospital and medical facility in the world to be teaching this. But he had better have body guards, because the Pharmaceutical Industry will do everything it can to make sure his death looks like suicide or an accident. This is known fact. For this doctors knowledge of curing diseases to be lost or nothing done about it, would be immoral. That’s how our government works.

  39. This Dr. sebi is spot on with his analysis of cures. He uses cures straight from the word of the Most High who instructed the Isrealites in how to live free of diseases. The old ways were the best and still are. They don’t want us to know this information, because it would cost them trillions of dollars if people start to be cured of diseases that cost a fifth of what they charge for medicine that treat the symptoms and does nothing for the cure. Can you imagine if people knew that herbs, fruits and vegetables are the real cure for every disease that wreak havoc on us. Can you really imagine that? TRY!!! The truth is out there, it’s the Holy Scriptures from our Creator. He’s the true Master Suprem Physician. Learn from Him, He’s never lied to us for greed.

  40. Dr Sebi I wish I could meet you I have been HIV for almost 16 years now I have never ever taken any medicine and I feel now I will be neeeded some help one day, please contact me,

  41. Wow, religion once again divides and conquers, how come we can’t just all join hands no matter what you believe in and just see the herbs that Dr. Sebi uses, uses them for what they are, healing. Goodness! Ever heard of dandelions, they grow in my front yard and I live on one of the most ghetto ass streets in Kansas City, Missouri, you know the little yellow flowers that grow everywhere? Their leaves are some of the most potent healing leaves that you can eat, very good for your kidneys, colon, etc. we would be able to just pick them and eat them if (THE THEY) weren’t spraying them all the time with cancerous pesticides and herbicides. It is about the Pharma company and how much $ they get to continue lying to people, telling them there is no curse, when there is a cure for everything, we, especially Americans, have been fooled so horribly and brainwashed into thinking that their isn’t we are afraid of the very herbs that were many years before modern medecine ever came into existence. Even Masta from the slave days had the ol witch doctor lady (who used herbs to cure) cure him many times, but of course they won’t tell you that in these horrible schools. Its not about race, but yes, Black ppl are the oldest people living on Earth today, our Ancestors were great Kings and Queens who figured out the key (herbs) to a long life, even though they always downplay our intelligence and history and say that we did not live long back then, which is a lie. Since Western medicine was not even heard of and all we had was herbs, minus the pollution and all the other BS we face today, its common sense to know that of course we lived longer lives back then. Dr. Sebi is just bringing that knowlege back into the forefront of our minds, after being fooled and then turned against our own Mother….Nature, who fed us life from the beginning.

  42. Lisa illuminati puppet left eye Lopez lol. Then she wonders why she was sick. Ignorance is rife in western cultures. Sick of life, just look her name…..V

  43. I guess that means all physicians are vile greedy and selfish individuals because no physician would make such a claim nor is it even possible think about the rate at which many viral strains alone van mutate rendering any potential treatment ineffective.

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