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The Black Mambas, a Mostly Female Anti-Poaching Force, Have Won a Top UN Award

Back in March we wrote about the The First Kickass All – Female Rhino Protection Unit . This a mostly female task force formed to protect the rhino species in South from poachers. The girls have hit the headlines again, this time with a top environmental award from the UN.

The Unit has made major strides in reducing the poaching activities of wildlife in South Africa.

from creation in 2013 the force has arrested six poachers, shut down five poacher camps, and reduced snaring (the practice of baiting and trapping animals) by 76% in the Balule Private Game Reserve.


It’s not surprising that the 26-member ranger unit, comprised mainly of women, has been honored by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) with its highest environmental prize — the Champions of the Earth Award.

black-mambas stop killing rhinos

Watch the Girls in Action and What poachers Think

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