The Best Beach Bars in Tunisia

Tunisia has forged quite a name for itself and is now well-known for offering great beaches. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it has plenty of opportunity for attractive beach bars and definitely uses this location to its full potential. Here we’ve tracked down the best of the bunch.

Kitesurfer | © Dawn Ellner/Flickr

Blanko Kite Surf Club

Head here if you want to start or finish your night out in Tunis in style. It’s especially electric on Thursdays, otherwise known as reggae nights, with Bob Marley all round. The beach location makes the perfect backdrop for an energetic bar. Blanko Kite Surf Club is evidence of Tunisia becoming more open, welcoming, and friendly to anyone and everyone. Plus the food is great – affordable, with a selection of light appetizers to go with the drinks, and bigger meals like pasta, burgers, seafood, and fries.

Best for: A great atmosphere

Address: Gammarth Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia

Africa Jade Thalasso

Africa Jade Thalasso is located in the ancient town of Korba, which is less immediately associated with tourists than locals. However don’t be put off, as staff treat clientele exceptionally well, and this treatment definitely pays off. While many bars look identical, this one juggles both a modern look and traditional decor. There’s widely a theme of African jungles and forests, which works in giving you an experience you won’t often find elsewhere. Overall you’d struggle to dispute that it’s a friendly, unique place to be.

Best for: A bar with a twist

Address: Avenue HabibBourguiba, Korba 8070, Tunisia

Africa Jade Thalasso, Korba
Africa Jade Thalasso ©

Riadh Palms

Situated right on the beach, you can’t get a fuller seaside experience than Riadh Palms. Waiters will take excellent care of you and delight in refilling wine glasses (so probably best to keep an eye on yours before things escalate) The bar radiates a very classy impression and staff don’t stifle you – as bars are all about either spending time with your other half or with friends, or mingling with new people. And there are plenty of chances to do that here. There’s also an impressive drinks menu, both alcoholic and teetotal.


Best for: A fun yet elegant evening in the bar

Address: Avenue du 7 November, Sousse, 4039, Tunisia

Riadh Palms, Sousse
Riadh Palms © hotels4u

Sunset Beach Bar

Now it’s time to put Djerba into the spotlight – and specifically, this bar. Djerba is an island not far from the coast of Tunisia, giving it lots of eateries and clubs against the water’s edge. But Sunset Beach Bar stands out. Playing host to themed events, it exudes an all-round charming, lively atmosphere. Don’t go to Djerba and not give Sunset Beach a tour. If you don’t, you’ll never realize how much it actually lives up to its name – you can overlook the beach’s sunsets with a drink in hand on a nightly basis here.

Best for: Watching the day turn into dusk

Address: Plage Sidi Mehrez, Djerba Island 4179, Tunisia

Sunset Beach Bar, Djerba
Sunset Beach Bar © Trip Advisor

Miami Club

Slotted inside the complex of stunning hotel Amir Palace, you’ll find Miami Club, where the atmosphere is almost akin to its namesake, Miami, Florida. With a booming spirit and delicious alcoholic drinks, it’s no surprise everyone’s dancing and reveling. If you want to let you hair down, here’s the place to go, but if you’re after something more peaceful, don’t worry – start your night with a few drinks at Miami Club, before moving along to somewhere more quiet and relaxed, also around Amir Palace. It’s found in the popular Monastir resort of Skanes.

Best for: Partying til morning

Address: Route touristique, Skanes

Miami Club, Amir Palace
Miami Club © The BeachFrontClub

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