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‘The Bad And The Monstrous’ Is The Name Befitting Former Ugandan President, Idi Amin- See The Good You Never Heard

Now before you go rising up in arms, just know we are all humans and therefore prone to mistakes. Field Marshal, Alhaji, Doctor Idi Amin Dada was no different. We witnessed a lot of mass killings during his tenure especially from the army amid other forms of dictatorship.

This however shouldn’t deter us from acknowledging the good things the man did during the 8 years he was at the helm of power. Yes, the man had a lot of good things up his sleeve unlike what the media has insisted on portraying over the years.

So come on with me, let’s talk about these things:

To start as off, during his tenure, the dollar remained steady between Sh. 7 and Sh 7.50. That was between 1971 and 1979. Yes, he really had his priorities in check as far as the economy was concerned.

He was also charged with the honour of expanding the Uganda Railway Corporation. This was used to transport heavy equipment and a lot of agricultural produce mostly coffee and tea.

He established satellite links which connected Uganda to the world. Established in Mpoma and Mukono and in his home region of West Nile, it was a one of a kind connection in Africa.

He appointed the first female foreign minister in 1972. Elizabeth Bagaya was among the first women to hold public office not only in Africa but also the world.


He dug and built the biggest fuel reserve in Jinja. Mind you, this was done in one month.

We can also not fail to mention the very many government schools, colleges and institutions he established and which are in full operation as we speak.

He returned the body of the first president of Uganda, Sir Edward Muteesa II home. He gave him a state funeral. He had died in London on 19th November 1969.
In 1974, he made Uganda a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) without first converting every Ugandan into a Muslim by force. Uganda is the only IOC member that is not an Islamic state.

President Amin provided Uganda manufactures with additional support through the Uganda Development Bank, this supplemented UCB. The Uganda Development Bank and the Credit Guarantee Fund were established under the Uganda Development Bank Act, 1972, during Amin Dada’s regime and commenced business on 10th November 1972.

Lastly, President Amin also went ahead to provide moral and financial support to sports: In 1972, John Akii Bua won a 400m hurdles gold medal in the Munich Olympics held in Germany the only Gold Uganda has won at the games history. Uganda reached the Africa cup of Nations 1978 and reached on the finals and ever since then, it has never qualified for the tournament.

See; don’t always be quick to judge as there is always more than meets the eye.


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