The Amazing Things About Marriage No One Ever Tells You

While many dread the lifelong commitment that comes with marriage, many have affirmed positively to the conjugal bliss which most times make you ‘feel fly’, especially when it is new and true.

Although characterized with a few ups and downs, there are lots of great reasons why you should get married.

Here are 8 reasons why being married is great:

1. You can say whatever’s on your mind without fear of scaring him or her off.

Considering how people feel about you when you talk to them about issues can be quite alarming, in marriage, you do not have to bother your head about what your spouse thinks when you talk. Once you’re married, you can text, call, e-mail, G-chat, and send flowers to the office every day without fear of coming on too strong and even if your spouse perceives it as strong, there is always room for explanations without feeling terrible.

2. You’ll have someone to take care of you “in sickness.”

There is nothing worse than not having anyone around you when you are under the weather. Having someone that can help out with going to the drugstore, getting lozenges, making chicken soup and so on is really a blessing when one is down. You will agree with me on this only if you have been sick without anyone close to you to help.

3. You’ll have a permanent sing-along, dance-along, and adventure-along buddy.


Because being married entails marrying your best friend, there is absolutely gonna be a great display when you both are indoor all alone and even with friends, not giving pretense any chance. Being married allows you to have someone you will laugh with at the silliest jokes, dance and sing in the car with, or at least someone to lovingly roll their eyes at you when you’re feeling punchy.

4. You’ll have a cheerleader and a partner in crime.

Have you ever seen a man that rushes home from work just to meet his “troublesome”, naughty and beautiful wife? It is because he sees in the woman a partner in crime, a person that makes home to be fun for him not a grudgingly cold woman that nags. Here, note that your spouse is your number one fan!

5. Legal rights.
Married people have the right to visit each other in the hospital, make informed decisions about each other’s lives, share health insurance and file taxes together. There are huge benefits associated with these rights (which is one of the reasons all couples should have access to legal marriage).

6. Shared financial goals.
Do you know what it means to have two salaries in one pocket? It’s more money! Which means both of you can put your earnings together and achieve shared goals, like moving into a bigger place or taking a vacation, which is a lot more fun than splitting up the bills with a roommate.

7. You’ll have a lifelong cuddle buddy/sex partner.

You might not feel like newlyweds forever, but you’ll always have a partner who knows your likes, dislikes, when you need a cuddle and what makes your body tick.

8. Spousal telepathy.
Give your spouse “the look” and he or she will automatically know it’s time to eat, get serious, or get out of this party.


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