The 9 Best Restaurants in Djerba, Tunisia

If you’re looking for a place that sums up island living, it’s Djerba. Just five kilometres offTunisia’s southern coast, this peninsula’s gently sloping sandy beaches and perfect climate has made it a popular stop for travelers. The idyllic villages and scenery make delving deeper into Tunisian culture a delight, and it’s a profound pleasure to discover the many restaurants with their – mostly seafood – traditional dishes.

Exotic beach | © Ken Teegardin/Flickr
Exotic beach | © Ken Teegardin/Flickr
Le Petit Marin | © Courtesy of Le Petit Marin

Dar Hassine

In Djerba’s capital Houmt Souk you’ll find an oasis of white and blue in Dar Hassine. A former traditional “houch” or Tunisian home, this restaurant serves the best couscous and the crispiest grilled fish on the island. For subtle tastes, culinary surprises and a soothing environment, Dar Hassine is your destination tonight.


Traditional couscous | © D@LY3D/Flickr
Traditional couscous | © [email protected]/Flickr

La Lagune

Alongside a natural harbor close to Midoun, hidden away from Djerba’s concrete jungle, lies a little gem of true tranquility: “Laguna”. With its tables purged on the sandy beach and local fishermen hauling in the day’s catch against the horizon, you’ll want to eat one thing and one thing only. The portions are copious and the grilled fish extra crisp. Although there isn’t a drop of alcohol being served, chefs Adel and Fayçal will make sure you leave their restaurant with a blissful feeling.


Prawn dish | © Brenda Bethman/Flickr
Prawn dish | © Brenda Bethman/Flickr

Salon de Thé Touareg

Not a full worthy restaurant but yet a super fun place to hang out is this Touareg tearoom, where pizza is served and milkshakes lurk in an unbelievably cool atmosphere. Decorated as if it were a Berber tent or traditional cave house, the mint tea tastes twice as nice here and the shisha pipes bring you into higher spheres. And the regular live traditional music performances are the icing on the cake.


Tunisian mint tea | © Ours Blanc/Flickr
Tunisian mint tea | © Ours Blanc/Flickr


Having dinner on the beach with your feet almost in the crystal blue water and a vast sunset on the horizon; what else is vacation all about? Lamparo knows how to seduce and pamper its clients, and thus everything about this restaurant is fun, beautiful and relaxing. The smell of barbecued fish and grilled prawns will undoubtedly lure you to Sidi Mansour beach and its most paradise-like restaurant.

Price: Budget

Opening hours: 10am – 12am

Watch out for: the crispy fish on the barbecue

Address: Lamparo, Sidi Mansour, Midoun, Djerba, Tunisia, +21 6 25 15 07 46

Djerba beach | © Henning Leweke/Flickr
Djerba beach | © Henning Leweke/Flickr

Restaurant Essofra

This characteristic family business is all about home, friends and traditional Djerbian cooking. The original décor, the use of local products and the homey atmosphere make sure you feel at peace and relaxed. The veranda especially is the ultimate spot to enjoy your chorba soup, an octopus appetizer or the delicious Djerbian fish couscous. And a super sweet mint tea afterwards is never too much.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 10am – 1am

Watch out for: the harissa spiced dishes

Address: Sidi Taleb, Mhiri, Houmt Souk, Djerba, Tunisia, +21 6 98 28 10 49

Fish couscous | © Alpha/Flickr
Fish couscous | © Alpha/Flickr

Le Moulin

Restaurant Le Moulin is famous for its brik à l’oeuf, one of the grand classics in North African cuisine. A sort of folded omelet with runny egg yolk in the middle, this dish is loved by every Tunisian, and Le Moulin prepares the best in Djerba. A brisk, white-and-blue venue with a simple but charming interior, this restaurant will capture your heart.

Price: Budget

Opening hours: 9am – 10pm

Watch out for: the best briks à l’oeuf on the island

Address: Le Moulin, near Hotel Haroun, Houmt Souk, Djerba, Tunisia, +21 6 75 75 83 36

Tunisian classic Brik à l'oeuf | © Fedor/Flickr
Tunisian classic Brik à l’oeuf | © Fedor/Flickr

Chez Haouari

It doesn’t look like it at first sight, but this restaurant is most probably run by the best chef on the entire island. Chef Haouari grew up in Djerba, was trained in Brussels, worked in a French 2-star restaurant and opened a cooking school for Tunisian chefs while being the voice of a national radio show on cooking for housewives. Claiming to cook like his Berber grandmother, Haouari’s subtly spiced poultry and seafood are divine, the lamb or goat served has grazed solely on aromatic local plants and his stuffed sun-ripened vegetables are unforgettable.


Berber tajine | © travelwayoflife/Flickr
Berber tajine | © travelwayoflife/Flickr

Le Petit Crustacé

The interior at Le Petit Crustacé is rather funny, but the food at this restaurant is seriously well made. Specialized in fish and seafood, the grilled prawns and creamy fish soup at Le Petit Crustacé are not to be missed. The front porch is inviting and so are the smells coming from the kitchen.


Grilled fish dish | © Stijn Nieuwendijk/Flickr
Grilled fish dish | © Stijn Nieuwendijk/Flickr

La Baraka

La Baraka is a synonym for beach, sun and good food. In the middle of the pristine white sand of Menynx Beach arise the parasols, wooden sheds and colorful cushions of this restaurant, serving bowls full of prawns, grilled fish and seafood. If there is a paradise, this is it.


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