The 7 African Leaders Who Allegedly Plunder Their Countries

The survey shows that many African leaders, politicians and businessmen have taken over the riches of the subsoil. Seven countries are mentioned: Togo, Mozambique, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa and Botswana.


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October 13, 2017

Clearly, these oligarchs have monopolized the wealth of their countries to transfer them to off-shore bank accounts. “This is an investigation that has been tried together with colleagues from other countries who are trying to demonstrate how Africans are also involved in the plundering of Africa’s resources ,  Maxime Domegui, COJITO, the Consortium of Investigative Journalists of Togo, which participated in the drafting of the report .

” When we talk about tax evasion, we often index the foreign multinationals that come to make a fortune here in Africa, but this demonstrates the extent to which African oligarchs are complicit in the plundering of the continent.”

Opaque management of phosphate in Togo

The investigation also criticizes the regulated cutting of the phosphate sector, which until the mid-1990s was the lung of the economy of Togo and the first export product with 40% of revenues.


“We criticize the total absence of transparency in the management of the phosphate industry in Togo,” denounces the journalist of instigation Maxime Domegui. “So if it does not benefit the country but the people, then the first people to take advantage of it are those who run the country in complicity with friends. have their hands on the phosphate, they are there only because they are the friends of the President of the Republic, “ concludes the Togolese investigative journalist.

Burkina Faso President Nkurunziza is also implicated in the investigation for promoting an oil company in which he is a shareholder


“The Plunder route to Panama” has largely focused on South Africa and the Gupta family, of Indian origin and close to South African President Jacob Zuma, who is at the heart of an alleged corruption and corruption scandal. the award of opaque public contracts.

A vast enterprise of corruption and embezzlement of national wealth in which the galaxy Zuma would be involved in power.

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