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LIST: The 5 Dangers; When You Do Not Brush Your Teeth Every Day!!

5 Dangers When You Do Not Brush Your Teeth Every Day

Brushing teeth for you is express and not necessarily every day? Here are five good reasons that will push you to catch your brush more often … for sure!

Heart Attack

Brushing your teeth helps to get rid of bacteria that live in the mouth. If you do not do it every day (and not properly), “these bacteria can pass into the bloodstream and go to organs like the heart,” says Dr. Jean-Marc Dersot, dental surgeon. There, ”  they can be fixed on the plaques of atheroma  (deposits of fats on the walls of the arteries, editor’s note) and increase the risk of cardiovascular accidents”. People with periodontal disease * are at greater risk of heart disease (heart attack, stroke …) and conversely  when you have a fragile cardiovascular health, you are at greater risk of developing periodontal disorders .

* Infectious disease (bacteria) that affects and destroys the tissues supporting the teeth (gums and bones).

Suffering from joint pain

© iStock By passing through the bloodstream, bacteria in the mouth can cause damage to the joints. “We found in people with periodontal disease that there were more cases of rheumatoid arthritis. Some bacteria present in periodontitis * synthesize an enzyme that transforms arginine, an amino acid naturally present in the body, into citrulline foreign to the body. Faced with this molecule, the immune system then produces antibodies that are one of the symptoms ofrheumatoid arthritis. This disease is disabling, “says Dr. Jean-Marc Dersot. In addition,

* Inflammation that affects the gum and bone tissue of the tooth.

Premature birth and having a baby of small weight

© iStock If they are not eliminated by daily brushing, the bacteria of the mouth can migrate into the placenta of the pregnant woman. The risks: “To give birth prematurely and to have children of small weights at the birth” details Dr. Jean-Marc Dersot. “Many complications of pregnancy are infectious. They can happen  vaginally(in the case ofherpesfor example, note) and blood, so the bacteria can do it. In addition, the FrenchUnion for Oral Health notes that “hormonal changes increase the risk of periodontal disease and aggravate a pre – existing periodontal disease”. She recommends that women consult a dentist early in their pregnancy.

High blood glucose levels dangerous for diabetics


© iStock We have to brush our teeth every day. More so when you have diabetes. Why ? Because the bacteria of the mouth, when not eliminated, can destroy the tissues that support the teeth. This is called a ” periodontal disease”. However, “periodontal diseases complicate the management of the blood sugar level in diabetics” explains theUFSBD  on its site. In addition, bacteria can become grafted onto other organs at a distance from the mouth and increase the risk of infection. However, when you have diabetes, you do not respond well to infections and you also have less good healing.

It is recommended to minimize a visit to a dentist every 6 months.

Have caries: a gateway for bacteria

© iStock Although it is common, tooth decay  remains an infectious disease of the tooth, which indicates the attack of plaque bacteria. These bacteria are all the more numerous and harmful when you do not brush your teeth every day. “Brushing makes it possible to remove the tooth plaque (sticky to the tooth, editor’s note) composed mainly of bacteria,” recalls Dr. Dersot.

Ideal for brushing  : 3 times a day for at least 2 minutes, taking the time to brush each tooth on all its faces.

Electric or manual brush?  “None is better than the other in reality since they go where they are put,” says the specialist. So if you forget a surface, whether with one or the other, the plate will continue to accumulate. On the other hand, to be sure of removing the plate, a developer dye may be used  . “There are pharmacies. Just apply it then look. The brush is then removed and the plate removed. ”

Thanks to Dr. Jean-Marc Dersot, dental surgeon, speaker at the Oral B Roundtable “The impact of brushing on overall health”, Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

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