The 30 Best Cities In Africa

Most people probably couldn’t name 30 cities in Africa let alone the 30 best cities in Africa! Some people even think Africa is just one big country but I won’t use any names! All I know is that Africa is my favorite continent to travel within and I have taken 26 separate trips to Africa and visited every country in Africa and literally every major city with the exception of Tripoli, Libya. So I think I have some authority to rank the 30 best cities in Africa.Cape Town, Table Mountain, South Africa
Africa is tough. If you’ve traveled around Africa to more than the corner countries (Egypt, Morocco, South Africa) or if you been more than the package tour/safari areas like Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia) and East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya) then you should agree. Africa is tough! In fact, only one African city made my 30 best cities in the world list!
Douala, Cameroon, Africa
Africa is my favorite place to travel because of the unknown factor. You never know what’s going to happen each day. I love that! However, you also must distinguish between comfortable like Cape Town and a place like Abidjan, Ivory Coast; which is a good city but you never feel comfortable there.
Tana, Antananarivo, Madagascar, Africa
While Cape Town is an undeniable #1, it get’s really dicey from there and I could’ve gone a lot of ways with this list.
Asmara, Eritrea, Lee Abbamonte
Algiers, Algeria
Here are the 30 best cities in Africa!30. Douala, Cameroon
29. Libreville, Gabon
28. Monrovia, Liberia
27. Nairobi, Kenya
26. Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
25. Freetown, Sierra Leone
24. Lusaka, Zambia
23. Bujumbura, Burundi
22. Maputo, Mozambique
21. Kampala, Uganda
20. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
19. Antananarivo, Madagascar
18. Tunis, Tunisia
17. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
16. Bamako, Mali
15. Asmara, Eritrea
14. Dakar, Senegal
13. Durban, South Africa
12. Tangier, Morocco
11. Cairo, Egypt
10. Algiers, Algeria
9. Windhoek, Namibia
8. Marrakech, Morocco
7. Abidjan, Ivory Coast
6. Kigali, Rwanda
5. Accra, Ghana
4. Luxor, Egypt
3. Johannesburg, South Africa
2. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
1. Cape Town, South Africa


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