The 3 Healthy Foods You Should Consider Eating Every Day

If you do not consume these foods very often, it is time to add them to your diet. Without delay!

1- Eggs

We all know that eggs are an excellent source of protein (6.5 grams of protein in an average egg). But, did you know that eggs are also loaded with a bunch of vitamins and minerals needed to boost energy and immunity? When eating eggs, you feed your body with iron and zinc. Iron is vital for a woman’s body, it helps to stimulate energy and relieve you when you are tired. Zinc is an additional stimulant for your immune system and helps turn your food into energy.

Try this: Scramble three eggs, add avocado, salsa and wrap it all in a tortilla for a stimulating energy breakfast.

2- Nuts

You’ve probably heard that nuts are good for your mind because of their mysterious familiarity with our brain. They are filled with nutrients, and something we do not absorb in our modern moderate diet. Just a handful of these can give you up to 90% of your recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.


Not only does it increase your energy, but studies have shown that adding omega-3 to your diet can protect you from high blood pressure, stroke risks and some cancers. These discrete nuts are loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits.


3- Spinach

Spinach is loaded with iron to help fight slowness and strengthen muscles. The next time you feel tired and out of you, think of the green! This verdant green will save you from your tired eyes and will make you happy so that you can take the day with energy and vitality.

Try this: stick a handful of spinach leaves in a blender and mix with frozen pineapple, ginger, lemon juice and coconut water for a zesty green smoothie.


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