20 Wealthiest Criminals Of All Time

While some use their skills and qualifications they have acquired to climb the ranks to become millionaires, others of course much less Catholics and which no one can be proud of. In the following pages, you will discover the huge funds raised by 20 of the richest criminal of all time. Their common point, an unhappy end: prison or death.

20. Frank Lucas, $ 52 million

The trafficker has spent 12 years behind bars, with only five years of a sentence of 70 years was imposed. Frank Lucas was able to amass a fortune of $ 52 million (€ 46 million). His specialty import of heroin to the United States by concealing the dead in coffins of American Soldas in combat. The character of Frank Lucas was incarnated to the big screen with Denzel Washington in the film “American Gangster” released in 2007.



19. Jose Figueroa Agosto, $ 100 million

He was arrested in 2009, after becoming the biggest drug dealer in Puerto Rico. After escaping from prison, he moved to the Dominican Republic and, far from tidy, went back to drugs trafficking. He was arrested again in 2010. The capital of that drug dealer is 100 million dollars (89 million euros). He took care to hide their booty in a place he refused to disclose to the police.




18. George Jung, $ 100 million

It cocaine dealer from Boston in the Northern United States, had managed to build a fortune amounting to $ 100 million. In the 80s, it was he who supplied the ports of America in cocaine. However, he did not have time to enjoy it, because it has been 20 years in prison. US actor Johnny Depp has incarnated in the film “Blow” released in 2001.




17. Nicky Barnes, to $ 105 million

This American gangster nicknamed Mr. Untouchable made about him. For many years, it operates with impunity. It pays indeed many police officers to avoid prison box. Now 81 years old, Nicky Barnes fell into the drug world as users. After a stay in prison, he goes to consumer and seller raises the colossal sum of $ 105 million (€ 93 million). Annoyed by the nickname “Mr. Untouchable”, the President of the United States Jimmy Carter personally ordered that the DEA is responsible to stop the criminal and behind bars for life. In 1998, Nicky Barnes out of prison … and continues to make money by telling his story.




16. Paul Lir Alexander, to $ 170 million

Paul Lir Alexander aka El Loco Parito did not hesitate to lend a hand to the Brazilian government to get their hands on all traffickers. By eliminating all of his opponents, he became the only dealer and amassed a fortune estimated at 170 million dollars, 151 million euros.


15. Zhenli Ye Gon, $ 300 million

Ye Gon hid behind an executive in a pharmaceutical company in Mexico to become a major importer of methamphetamine. He amassed a fortune estimated at 300 million dollars, 266 million and is part of the infamous Sinaloa cartel. Now under arrest, has already confiscated 200 million worth of goods. However, much of the booty would still hidden in Europe, Hong Kong and Mexico.




14. Joseph P. Kennedy, US $ 400 million

Loving father of President John F. Kennedy was a smuggler in the area of ​​alcohol during the period of prohibition in the United States. He would re-invested his earnings in real estate. He managed to build a fortune amounting to $ 400 million, or 350 million euros.



13. “Freeway” Ricky Ross, $ 600 million

That drug dealer was talk earned him $ 600 million (€ 534 million) thanks to smuggling and crack cocaine in Los Angeles. He was arrested in 1996 during an operation in which police officers were posing as drug buyers. Released in 2009 from prison, he published a book about his life in 2014. He also sued Williams Roberts rapper better known under the name “Rick Ross” for using his name.



12. Rafael Caro Quintero, $ 650 million

This is the first baron of the Guadalajara Cartel in Mexico and also its creator. With this mafia cartel, he built a fortune of 650 million dollars, 576 million euros. Sentenced to spend 40 years behind bars for murder (and not for drug trafficking) in 1985, he was finally released from prison in 2013 and disappear in nature. It is now one of the most wanted men in the world by Interpol.


Nicknamed “El Chapo” ( “small”), the man who headed the notorious Sinaloa cartel, was considered public enemy number 1 in Mexico at the time and most powerful drug trafficker in the world in 2014. these illegal business allowed him to become extremely rich with a fortune estimated at $ 1 billion, 887 million. After escaping from a prison in a manner worthy of a Hollywood script (he actually dug a tunnel more than 1.5 km long), he was finally apprehended early 2016.




10. Al Capone, $ 1.3 billion

This is probably the most famous gangster of the United States. The fortune of this mythical figure is $ 1.3 billion, or 1.2 billion euros. When he was young, Al Capone moved from New York to Chicago to become a bodyguard of bootleggers. He escapes justice for many years, operating with impunity. The government managed to catch tax evasion. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison but in fact only 8. He died of a heart attack.



9. Griselda Blanco, $ 2 billion

This woman nicknamed the “Black Widow” led the Medellin cartel in Colombia via which it was coming through the sky and the sea of ​​drug tons each month. She had become immensely rich with a fortune estimated at $ 2 billion, or 1.8 billion euros. It is said that it was she who learned the art of drug dealer Pablo Escobar at the famous trafficker.



7. The brothers Rodriguez Orejuela, $ 3 billion

The brothers operated their entrepreneurship skills by creating the Cali cartel (Colombia). After several years spent in the marijuana traffic, they become lords cocaine and build a fortune estimated at $ 3 billion, or 2.7 billion euros. They are now in prison.




6. José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, $ 5 billion

It is a member of the Medellín cartel which has raised the most money from drug trafficking, to the point that the US magazine Forbes known for its rankings of the richest men in the world, was forced to include it in his famous list in 1998. the capital of that gangster who committed suicide after the death of his son amounted to $ 5 billion, or 4.4 billion euros.


5. Khun Sa, $ 5 billion

Khun Sa built his fortune amounting to $ 5 billion (4.7 billion euros) thanks to the smuggling of weapons, but also in the sale of drugs. It has built a real military arsenal during the Civil War in China. This criminal has managed to create his own army who will assist later in arms smuggling. It also provided 90% of the opium that circulated in New York.



4. The Ochoa brothers, $ 6 billion

With their wealth estimated at $ 6 billion or 5.3 billion euros, the Ochoa brothers are among the richest of the Medellín cartel. After a few years in prison, today those brothers are free … they would put away.



3. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, $ 6.7 billion

This Indian multi-billionaire (his wealth is $ 6.7 billion or € 5.9 billion) has built its empire in organized crime and drugs. He also supplied weapons to various terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda. Today he still runs and is one of the most wanted men on the planet.



2. Amado Carrillo Fuentes, $ 25 billion

The fortune of this drug dealer was 25 billion dollars, 22 billion euros! Desiring to reach the top in the field of smuggling and drug trafficking, he did not hesitate to kill its leader in the Juarez cartel to become the leader of this criminal organization. To avoid arrest, he has used many cosmetic surgery.



1. Pablo Escobar, 30 billion euros

This is the biggest drug baron of all time. Escobar was the head of the Medellin Cartel and his chosen field was cocaine trafficking. It’s the richest gangster of all time with a fortune amounting to $ 30 billion or 27 billion euros. Every day, over 500 million of cocaine were sent to the United States by its services. In 1986, he tried to Colombian politics and offers to repay the Colombian debt. He was killed Dec. 2, 1993 at his headquarters in Medellín.



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