The 10 Most Popular Musicians in Africa

Africa has delivered numerous hugely skilled performers. Some African artists have made astute utilization of their ability and have turned out to be affluent. They are likewise exceptionally prominent in Africa and different parts of the world. These are the wealthiest, best, and globally understood African performers

1.) Youssou N’dour, Age 55, Senegalese

Rolling Stone Magazine in 2004 alluded to the attractive artist as possibly the most celebrated artist alive. It might appear to be far-fetched particularly in a contemporary music world with any semblance of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Be that as it may, N’dour 55 is contended to be the most exciting and captivating African artist. His commitment in making the Mbalax famous can’t be undermined. N’dour, the UNICEF envoy has been straightforward in his battle to put an end in the compassionate emergency in the horn of Africa. The Grammy-Award victor is additionally a businessman, owner of a nightclub, a television station as well as a record label..Youssou N’dour


2. Manu Dibango, Age: 80, Cameroon

A brilliant saxophonist, the Cameroonian-conceived Manu Dibango is one of Africa’s multi-capable specialists. Due to his enormous commitment in the African music industry, it is hard to discover the words with which to depict such a performer as Manu Dibango. Prevalently known for his 1972 single “Soul Makossa”, he has played music going from reggae, soul, blues, spirituals, electro to soul.

Manu Dibango

3. Salif Keita, Age: 65, Malian

A posterity of Sundiata Keita, establishing father of the Mali Empire, Salif Keita is one of the authors of Afro-pop. Keita was broadly censured when he chose to end up distinctly an artist as it was respected an occupation not befitting for somebody from a royal Malian family. Ousted from his town at 18 years old, because of the superstitious conviction that pale skinned people was typical of setback, this capable craftsman went ahead to play for a Malian Musical gathering known as ‘Les Ambassadeurs’ before going solo. From that point forward his vocation has seen an amazing achievement.. Salif Keita

4. Angelique Kidjo, Age: 54, Beninoise

Conceived in Ouidah, Benin, the 54 years of age Grammy Award winning Beninoise performer stay one of Africa’s most powerful artist till date. This UNICEF Goodwill represetative is likewise the pioneer of a Washington-based philanthropy known as Batonga Foundation which cultivates and finances the instruction of African young ladies. She is a fanatical backer for the privileges of African ladies.

Angélique Kidjo


5. Khaled, Age: 54, Algerian

Khaled Hadj Ibrahim broadly known as ‘Khaled’, this Algerian lyricist and vocalist is the most prominent “rai” artist around the world. Rai which is a kind of society which blends French, Arabic, Spanish and African melodic impacts is his style of music. His significant achievement is in France with his singles “Didi” and “Aicha” topping the graphs. Answered to have sold more than 20 million collections, he stays one of Africa’s top of the line craftsman of all circumstances.




6. Femi Kuti, Age: 52, Nigerian

The firstborn offspring of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Just like his dad, Fela tries to utilize his music to battle against indecencies, for example, neediness, debasement and other financial matters that are winning in Nigeria specifically and Africa all in all. His collection ‘Battle to Win’ in which he worked together with American craftsmen in any semblance of Mos Def, Common and Jaguar Fight is to a great extent seen as the most noticeable Neo-Afro beat of the 21st century.

Femi Kuti


7. Yvonne Chaka, Age: 49, South African

She is one of Africa’s most acclaimed performers who showed up on the phase at 18 years old and was shot to distinction at the stature of Apartheid in South Africa. Her infectious pop tunes, energetic attractions and heavenly voice couldn’t go unnoticed. Famously referred to for her tunes, for example, ‘I sob for opportunity’ and ‘I’m enamored with a DJ’ this unmistakable performer and United Nations Goodwill ambassador and UN agent to Africa now commits her an opportunity to altruism.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka


8. Koffi Olomidé, Age: 58, Congolese

He is a holder of a first degree in Business Economics and is said to have a Masters degree in science from the University of Paris, however his real achievement and standard fortune has originated from singing. He is broadly perceived as an entertainer of an extremely renowned and particular kind of African music known as soukous. Throughout his profession Koffi as affectionately called by his fans, has discharged more than 30 collections which have sold millions around the world.

Koffi Olomidé


9. Hugh Masekela, Age:75, South African

The Jazz maestro and universally prestigious trumpeter have gained steady ground in his profession. He began playing the trumpet at 14 years old and has utilized his music to battle subjection, politically-sanctioned racial segregation, and also financial misuse. This celebrated performer distributed his self-portrayal in 2004; Still Grazing the Musical Journey of Hugh Masekela.

Hugh Masekela


10. Oumou Sangare, Age: 46, Malian

She is one of Mali’s most loved melodic stars. This Award-winning Malian made the Wassoulou; an unmistakable conventional music particular to Mali, renowned. The verses fixate on women’s liberation and the privilege of ladies. As a United Nations Goodwill envoy, Sangare has been candid in supporting against polygamy. She is a fruitful business visionary who in 2006 collaborated with a Chinese car firm to make an auto that has been named after her; Oum Sang.

Oumou Sangare


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