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The 10 Most Indebted Countries in Africa: Your Country Could Be In This New Ranking

African countries, which are badly rated financially, are for the most part forced to take loans at high interest rates. A situation that leads some to lock themselves in the vicious circle of debt.

In a recent ranking of the ten most indebted countries in Africa, according to data from the World Bank, South Africa beats all “sad” records in this Top 10, with a debt of 80,520,000,000 USD or $ 1,613 per capita.

What is surprising in this ranking is the fact that the economically stable countries are the most indebted of the continent. It is therefore imperative for these countries to diversify their sources of financing, as recently advocated by UNCTAD.

Here is the ranking of the 10 most indebted countries of the continent

1- South Africa

With debt of more than $ 80,520,000,000, or $ 1,613 per capita, South Africa is Africa’s debt champion.

2- Sudan

The Sudanese debt is over $ 37 980 000 000 or $ 946 per capita.

3- Egypt

Egypt has a debt of more than USD 30 610 000 000 or $ 391 per capita

4- Morocco

With a debt of more than $ 75 470 000 000 USD or $ 712 per capita, Morocco is the fourth African country in debt.

5- Tunisia

The Tunisian debt amounts to more than $ 18 760 000 000 or $ 1 779 per Tunisian.

6- Angola

Angolan debt amounts to more than $ 17,980,000,000, or $ 944 per Angolan.

7- Democratic Republic of the Congo

With a debt of over $ 13,500,000,000 or $ 197 per capita

8- Ivory Coast

Ivorian debt amounts to more than $ 11.6 billion, or 527 per capita.

9- Nigeria

Nigeria is in ninth place with a debt of more than US $ 11.020 million

10- Kenya

With a debt of more than US $ 7,935,000,000, Kenya is the tenth most indebted African country.

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