The 10 Black American Miss USA Title Holders

2017’s Miss USA is once again a Black American and also from the District of Columbia. What is not widely known is, in 65 years, she is the tenth Black African American Miss USA.


  • Kára McCullough (District of Columbia), 2017


Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 passed on the crown to Kára McCullough also from D.C. and an African American. The District of Columbia scores back-to-back wins and both ladies are African Americans.


  • Deshauna Barber (District of Columbia), 2016


With a rank of Captain, Deshauna is currently a commissioned logistics commander and quartermaster officer of the United States Army Reserve.


  • Nana Meriwether (Maryland), 2012


Nana became Miss USA 2012 replacing Olivia Culpo who resigned to fulfill her duties as Miss Universe. She was born in South Africa to a South African mother and African American father.


  • Crystle Stewart (Texas), 2008


Crystle won Miss Texas on her fifth attempt. Her winning Miss USA in 2008 is the first back-to-back wins of African Americans as Miss USA. This is also the first back-to back onstage tumble of a Miss USA in the Miss Universe.


  • Rachel Smith (Tennessee), 2007


Rachel is multiracial being a Native American, black and white. As a Miss Universe candidate, she tripped onstage during the evening gown competition but rose with a big smile.



  • Shauntay Hinton (District of Columbia), 2002


Of the five Miss USA finalist, Shauntay was one of four black finalists, a first in the Miss USA pageant. She is a broadcast journalism graduate from the Howard University in Washington D.C.


  • Lynette Cole (Tennessee), 2000


Lynette is the first Miss USA from Tennessee. She won Miss USA on the year the candidates had to answer questions from “reporters.”


  • Chelsi Smith, (Texas), 1995


After 15 years, Chelsi became the first Miss USA to be crowned Miss Universe. She resigned as Miss USA after becoming Miss Universe.


  • Kenya Moore (Michigan), 1993


Kenya is the second African American to win Miss USA. She placed sixth in the Miss Universe pageant. Kenya is best known for her twirling skills and her stint in the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She has since authored two books and made a workout DVD. She was also once on the Celebrity Apprentice show. She currently has her own haircare line and production company.


  • Carole Gist (Michigan), 1990

Carole made history for being the first African American to be crowned Miss USA also the first from Michigan. She broke the five year winning streak of Texas in the Miss USA pageant. Carole went on to win as First Runner-up in the Miss Universe.


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