10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid This Valentine’s Day

Are you a big fan of Valentine’s Day? Even if you are not, that question still holds a great deal of weight, especially when it is followed up by the question, is your partner a big fan of Valentine’s Day? Because if one of you is, you better be aware that the special day is just around the corner.

While the day can lead to some unforgettable memories, it does not come without some pitfalls that can make the day more stressful than sexy.
When it comes to romantic holidays, there might not be a day that incites more pressure than Valentine’s Day (damn you movies and/or countless TV commercials!). The day is literally built around love, but with all the expectations that the day brings, comes some common mistakes that can derail even the strongest of relationships.
It does not need to be the most expensive day of the entire year, but it should be a day where above all else, you make your partner feel loved. If you are starting to feel a little bit nervous as the day gets closer, you are in luck!
There is no better way to make sure you avoid a common Valentine’s Day mistake, than taking the time out of your day to read a list about the biggest mistakes that people can make on this special day.
Keep these 10 tips in mind, and you can be sure that you are able to avoid some of the biggest downfalls of the day, and keep the focus on what is really important: The Love.
10. Make Sure You Have Reservations
When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I don’t know if you know this, but you are not the only couple in the world that thinks eating is a pretty smart way to spend part of your date. Buyer beware however, because restaurants on Valentine’s Day are arguably the hottest places around (second only to your bedroom!). If you don’t have dinner reservations for the special day, you may find yourself eating McDonald’s instead of the fancy meal that your girlfriend got all dressed up for. Plus, by making a reservation you are showing her that you thought ahead, and it never hurts to be seen as a thoughtful guy.
9. Make Sure You Have A Plan
It doesn’t have to be something elaborate, but one of the biggest mistakes of any relationship is feeling like Valentine’s Day is “just another day.” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Netflix and chilling, but it would be nice if you still found a way to make your partner feel extra loved. You can complain all you want about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, but you know what? A box of cupcake mix is $2 from any corner store. Pick it up, make some cupcakes and make a memory, damnit.
8. Make Sure You Are ‘Prepared’
Even if you and your partner do not always knock boots, one thing that is implied at the very least on Valentine’s Day, is that you are about to get down and dirty. Just make sure that if the mood is set in all the right ways, there is also the protection and supplies necessary to make it a smooth run. I assure you, the most awkward time to be buying condoms may be on February 14th at 11:30pm. Have confidence that if you are having a hot date it may lead to some tomfoolery, so come prepared!
7. Don’t Blow Your Budget
I am a big believer that Valentine’s Day does not have to be the biggest holiday in the world. It can be a day where you make your partner feel loved and appreciated, and if you are a little tight financially, try and find a way to still make your partner feel loved and appreciated. It can be words, it can be handmade things; there is no shortage of ways to make the day a memorable experience.
6. Don’t Insult Valentine’s DayVia
Do you think Valentine’s Day is super stupid? That’s great, but you know who might not feel that way? Your partner, who you love and want to make sure has a lovely day. As a result, one of the best ways to make sure she has a good time? Don’t spend the day (AND THE WEEK BEFORE) insulting Valentine’s Day and how it costs too much, or how it’s too much of a hassle. Nothing kills the romance like your partner knowing that you are hating all of the effort you’re having to put in.
5. Make Sure You SEE Her
I wish this would go without saying, but unfortunately couples fight every year because their partner does not realize the importance of seeing each other on this special day. Nothing makes your partner feel like an afterthought like taking February 14th and turning it into an all-day LAN party with your gaming buddies. Sure, they may have Doritos, but is that really what you want to be doing on February 14th?
4. Be Practical
Via PopSugar
It can be great to think that you have the ability to sweep your partner off her feet with a gesture so grand, even the movies would be jealous. Yet one of the biggest downfalls may be if you are trying to create a day for your partner that just isn’t realistic. Do they work until 9:30? Then they might not be up for a 3 hour trek to a super romantic spot. Do you only have a bit of money? Work around that and your partner will be both wooed, and amazed by your practicality. Similarly, if you are trying to be practical, it may also show that you are thinking hard about her and the day and made your plan specific to fit into her.
3. Buy Or Do Something Special For Her
I can’t stand how often you see the exact same type of necklace, rings, etc. being advertised. Make sure that when your partner opens her special gift on that day, they feel special. There is nothing wrong with jewelry, but perhaps still find a way to make it feel personalized for her. Nobody wants to get the exact same thing that you bought your ex for years. This is where handmade gifts can be a huge advantage over going and buying something shiny from the mall at the last minute.
2. Make Sure You Shower
Did you know that basic hygiene is super not overrated? Making sure you are shaved, trimmed and looking good is the first sign for letting your partner know that you are game for some lovemaking. I’m not saying that Dorito dust doesn’t incite the same foreplay as cologne would, but your partner just might appreciate the cologne more. Similarly, if you know you are going out to a nice restaurant, make sure you are wearing something that fits the occasion.
1. Don’t Buy Lingerie
This is obviously not a hard and fast rule, but generally, buying lingerie is a really risky move for any guy. First off, you need to debate if you can find the right size (and God help you if you don’t). Then you need to realize that bras and ESPECIALLY weird lingerie that you think is sexy, can also be impractical and really hard to buy for another person. Nothing says romance like “thanks baby, that corset is super hot…but you guessed my waist wrong…so it can sit in the chair.” It is also worth pointing out that lingerie is often a gift for the guy, and it may make your partner feel like you are thinking about yourself and not them, and that too, is a quick way to make sure romance is not in the air.

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