The 10 Best Restaurants in Sfax, Tunisia

Tunisian city founded on ruins in the year AD 849, Sfax has had plenty of time to create some great restaurants. It could be hard to whittle these down to the best, but we go there in the end!

La Torretta, Sfax
La Torretta, ©

La Torretta

La Torretta will certainly burn a hole in your pocket, but when you’re travelling through such an aesthetically stunning part of the world, surely it makes sense to splurge on the full dining experience once or twice, and there’s no better option than La Torretta. Well-known in the area for its fine food, La Torretta offers authentic Italian pizzas and lasagnas, with a fine glass of champagne to wash it down. You may need to book your evening ahead of time, but that’s a good sign – it’s popular for a reason!

Address: Route Soukra Km3 Imm EL Habib, Sfax

Best for: A classy dinner date

Lebanese House

Holidays may be a time to indulge, but if you want to maintain that bikini glow by eating healthily, look no further than Lebanese House. Some food from this country is known for being calorific, but Lebanese House specializes in shish taouk and tabbouleh as well as salads that burst with clean flavor. It’s predominantly vegetarian as well, so you know where to eat if you fall into this dietary category.

Address: Soukra, Immeuble Yasmine, Km 1 Sfax, Sfax3064

Best for: Vegetarian meals that don’t lack the wow factor

Restaurant Cercina

Although pricier than Sfax’s average foodie offerings, Restaurant Cercina makes up the difference in quality. Dining on fish and seafood while overlooking the beach make you really feel at home on your Tunisian travels – or, if you live there – realize how lucky you are. Restaurant Cercina’s vibe is one of authenticity and natural produce – most of it has come from local waters.

Address: 19, Rue Ibn Mejed, Sfax

Best for: Seafood chowders and other soups as a light end to the day.

Restaurant Cercina, Sfax
Restaurant Cercina, ©

Ton Ton

Despite the cheap prices, Ton Ton’s food is tasty and the servers are friendly. Ton Ton serves a mix of traditional goods and modern delicacies from a range of cultures. So if you’re travelling to exotic Tunisia yet prefer plainer foods from your own neck of the woods, you won’t be disappointed. Like at many Tunisian eateries, the salads and olives are especially delicious.

Address: Avenue Majida Boulila Imm. city center Sfax

Best for: Flavorful salads

Istanbul Restaurant

A blend of European and Turkish cuisine, Istanbul Restaurant proves Sfax’s unrelenting ability to do justice to flavors not their own. The Turkish food is a particular highlight and can almost make you feel like you’re in Istanbul, although the beautiful Tunisian surroundings will again remind you that you haven’t left Sfax. The restaurant is close to the city center, an area that provides an authentic tourist experience because of its location on the ruins of ancient cities Taparura and Thaenae.


Address: Avenue de la Liberte Rue Ahmed Aloulou Imm Fairouz Mezzanine, Sfax

Best for: The cultural culinary contrasts

Le Petite Navire

Focusing on Mediterranean and Tunisian delicacies, Le Petite Navire makes for the full Sfax eating experience. Dubbed best in the city, it’s renowned for being clean and stylish for offering excellent service. It’s situated in an attractive location, facing the corniche.

Address: 127, Rue Halfouz, Sfax

Best for: The zesty octopus salad. You might frown at it back home, but when you’re travelling, immerse yourself as the locals do. And in Le Pettie Navire, octopus salad is eaten. So try it!


Dubbed the place to go for ex-pats, you may not get the entire Tunisian experience in all its glory here, but Bagdad has a great local reputation. Despite its international focus, it serves up Tunisian nibbles very well indeed. An atmospheric restaurant, small yet bustling, it’s also well-known for its fish and seafood. Their fish soup whole fish with grilled vegetables are particularly tasty, especially their filet de dorade, or sea bream filet.

Address: 63 Ave, Farhat Hached, Sfax

Best for: Local specialty brik, a Tunisian deep-fried pastry.


Widely praised for its ambiance, Mechmecha’s general atmosphere and service are high quality. Popular online and among the town – both between locals and the holiday-making community – thanks to word of mouth, it’s easy to see why they’re so loved. They deliver an appetizing mix of pasta and seafood drenched in sauces which will certainly set your taste-buds tingling.

Address: Route de Gremda, Sfax 3027

Best for: Mussels! A creamy, delicious seafood that bears many a health benefit

La Sirene

A diverse menu is not the only thing La Sirene has to offer to the many who pass through its doors. It enjoys a positive name throughout Sfax, and its food will surely leave you happy diner. Like many Tunisian restaurants, it’s best at seafood – fish and chips here are so moreish that you’ll want to eat the whole ocean’s worth.

Address: Rue Hafrouz, Sfax

Best for: The attractive architecture surrounding the restaurant.

La Sirene, Sfax
La Sirene ©resto-tunisie

Le Corail

Exotic African flavors unite inside Le Corail, where the atmosphere is vivid, bursting, and alive. Waiters go the extra mile clad in charming, quirky bow ties and the like. There are many diverse items on the menu, from grilled calamari to sea bass to king prawns, each with delicious flavorings. The couscous and spices are highlights of the menu, altogether making visitors to the area quickly identity Le Corail as one of the best, despite the wide range of eateries surrounding it.

Address: Avenue Habib-Maazoun 39, Sfax

Best for: Splash out on native Tunisian wine. The most expensive item on the menu, it’s well worth it for its luxurious fullness of taste.

Le Corail, Sfax
Le Corail ©

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