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The 10 Best Cultural Hotels in Fes, Morocco

Known as Morocco’s cultural and historical capital, Fes is a city of treasures, both hidden and obvious, from the elaborate architecture in its many mosques and madrasas, to the enticing labyrinth that is the old Medina. Discover the best places to stay in Fes, where the hotels are often known as riads – charming treasures, often hidden behind the stone walls of the old Medina.

Dar Tahyra

1.Dar Tahyra

If you want a more affordable option that truly feels like home and is in an ideal location right in the center of the bustling old Medina, then Dar Tahyra is the riad for you. The owner of this small but sweet hotel, Driss is inviting and helpful to say the least, as are the chefs who will prepare a traditional and tempting Moroccan breakfast to start the morning. It is not uncommon here for owner and guests to unite and cook a meal or two together to share their cultural experiences and stories. With beautifully decorated rooms, sleeping between two and six people, this is a perfect riad for friends and couples alike. Head up to one of two terraces to relax and enjoy the views.

Price: Budget

What to watch out for: Unbeatable central location

Address: 9, Tariana, Talaa Kebira, Fes, Morocco, +212 5356-38756

2.Riad fes Relais & Chateaux

Combining luxury with tradition, Riad Fes Relais & Chateaux is a paradise in the heart of the ancient city of Fes, and invites guests to relax in the most serene of Fes environments, engulfed in an Arabian Nights-inspired ambiance in order to ensure guests still feel like they are in the heart of an imperial city. Guests are almost taken back in time to a true experience of the lifestyle of a privileged Fessi, with all its splendor and authenticity. The hotel boasts a truly enchanting Spanish- and Moorish-infused architecture which tells the story of the civilization of not just Fes, but Morocco. This spacious and magical riad boasts modern luxuries, including a fully equipped spa, as well as delightful and refreshing outdoor spaces, including a terrace and swimming pool. Not only that, there’s a tempting and high-quality on-site restaurant. It would be tempting never to leave this fantastic hotel.

Price: Luxury

Watch out for: On site library with books about the history of Fes.


3.Riad Ibn Battuta

Aptly named after the famous historic traveler Ibn Battuta, this is a beautiful, authentic, and recently restored riad located in the Batha area of Fes, not far from the characterful old souks. Riad ibn Battouta is a tranquil haven, with high towering ceilings, intricately decorated tile work, and hand-carved walls. The impressive interior extends to the mind-blowing suites and inviting courtyard. Flooded with natural light, Riad Ibn Battouta is a truly relaxing oasis, with polite staff there to help and to serve Moroccan specialties at their riadrestaurant. Sit on the terrace for a traditional breakfast, or even next to the fountain on the patio.

Price: Mid-range

Watch out for: Iconic high towering ceilings

Address: 9 Derb Lalla Mina, Fes, Morocco, +212 5356-37190

A hammam

4.Riad Fes Baraka

Riad Fes Baraka welcomes guests into a traditional and charming house to enjoy the magical traditional architecture, renovated respectfully to suit the authentic style of the region, and relax in a peaceful haven amongst the bustling labyrinth of the Medina streets. Riad Fes Baraka boasts individually decorated rooms with their own comfort and charm, all surrounding a spacious and welcoming open patio. Not only that, there’s a refreshing and energizing swimming pool, and, importantly an on-site spa where guests can experience a luxurious take on a traditional Moroccan hammam before indulging in some traditional Moroccan cuisine in their on-site restaurant.

Price: Mid-range

Watch out for: On-site hammam

Address: 16 Derb Bennani, Batha, Fès 30110, Morocco +212 642-887244

5.Hotel Sahrai

Another welcome fusion of history and luxury, Hotel Sahrai is truly a taste of heaven. Perched on the hills surrounding the spectacular city of Fes, it’s no surprise that the hotel boasts outstanding and mesmerizing panoramic views. Redefining the Fez boutique experience, Hotel Sahrai is stylish and boasts a unique combination of contemporary design and traditional Moroccan details. If its exclusive location and unique design isn’t enough, they also boast state-of-the-art amenities, including a luxurious on-site spa and two stylish restaurants.

Price: Luxury


Watch out for: Infinity pool with amazing city views

Address: bab Siffer, 60 4050, Fès 30000, Morocco +212 5359-40332

6.Riad salam fes

Slightly outside the center of Fes, Riad Salam Fes offers a perfect escape from the bustling city while being close enough for daytime trips. This 5-star hotel boasts spacious accommodation as well as both an outdoor and indoor pool, meaning Riad Salam Fes is ideal all year round. Not only that, the popular riad features a very welcome and calming relaxation pool which ideally fits with the riad’s theme and ambiance. With 8 luxurious suites and two other rooms, there’s plenty of choice, and as each room has its own decoration and charm, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone.

Price: Mid-range

Watch out for: Individually decorated suites

Address: 18, Derb Bennis, Douh, Médina, Fès, Morocco

7.Palais Sheherazada

It’s hard to believe, but this oasis of tranquility is less than 2 km from the bustling Qaraween in the labyrinth of the old Medina streets. Undoubtedly deserving of its palace title, this hotel is located in an idyllic setting of palm trees, plants, inviting pools, refreshing fountains, and majestic Moroccan architecture. For the active visitors, there are even sporting facilities in which guests can enjoy playing tennis or golf. Palais Sheherazada is so much more than a hotel, it’s a fully equipped luxurious compound. Sporting facilities and setting aside, there’s even an on-site spa with various treatment rooms. The rooms are just as luxurious as the rest of the hotel, with suites ranging from “Royal” to “Junior,” but with every level maintain a high standard and spectacular attention to detail in the decor.

Price: Luxury

Watch out for: Spectacular surroundings

Address: 23, Arssat Bennis Douh Medina، فاس 30000, Morocco +212 5357-41642

8.Fes Inn

An option for those whose budgets don’t quite stretch to the likes of the Palais Sheherazada, Fes Inn is still a little oasis in and of itself, and is very ideally located just a ten-minute walk from the enchanting and animated old town market, yet it allows guests to escape into a tranquil setting, enjoying a barbecue by the pool, experiencing a traditionalhammam, or sipping a drink on the idyllic rooftop terrace. Fes Inn is also a great choice for the on-site restaurant which serves international dishes for those looking for a little taste of home, but also traditional Moroccan dishes for a more cultural experience. So choose Fes Inn for stunning Moroccan architecture and fantastic facilities in a more than ideal location and at an ideal price.

Price: Mid-range

Watch out for:

Address: 42, Fès 30000, Morocco +212 5356-40089

9.Hotel Batha

Batha, a historic and cultural center in Fes, is right at the door of the old Medina, so it’s a perfect location to base a stay in Fes. Surprisingly, this ideally located hotel boasts an energizing and refreshing outdoor swimming pool, a much needed sun terrace, and even its own bar, making for a perfect holiday experience in an authentic and cultural location. Being right in the heart of the Medina means that the bars, restaurants, and shops are right on the doorstop of Hotel Batha, making for a truly immersive experience. The charming interior courtyard makes for an idyllic alternative to the bustling Medina streets, without taking guests miles away. What it lacks in luxurious rooms it makes up for with its unbeatable location.

Price: Mid-range

Watch out for: Proximity to the souks

Address: Ave de La Liberte, Fes 30000, Morocco +212 5356-34860

10.Menzeh Zalagh Hotel

This large and contemporary hotel with 150 rooms is located in the new town, just a five-minute walk from the modern shopping center Borj Fez, and a very short taxi ride from the traditional old town. An ideal and peaceful setting, opposite Broadway Café and right near the American Language Institute, Menzeh Zalagh Hotel is most popular for its inviting outdoor area, complete with a large and deep pool, one smaller relaxation pool, sun lounge areas, outdoor bar, and often live music, making for a truly relaxing holiday ambiance. While the exterior is modern and almost bland, the interior is nothing of the sort, with grand Moroccan mosaics and pillars in the inviting and luxurious welcome lobby. Guests can appreciate the praised and popular on-site restaurant that overlooks the pool and beautiful city of Fes. This is a well-facilitated hotel, fusing the modern with the traditional in an ideal and tranquil location.

Price: Luxury

Watch out for: Excellent swimming pools

Address: 10 Rue Mohammed Diouri, Fes 30000, Morocco +212 5359-32234

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