Textile Exports Ban, Reduction In Its Oil And Gas Supplies..; Check Out The New UN Sanctions Against North Korea

The UN Security Council unanimously voted Monday to impose new sanctions against North Korea, banning its textile exports and reducing its oil and gas supplies. . On the United States side, these sanctions voted against the Pyongyang regime were perceived to be less severe.

The eighth round of measures, backed by China and Russia, North Korea’s closest supporters, aims to punish the country for its nuclear test of 3 September.

In the US text, there was a total embargo on oil, petroleum products and gas, expelling North Korea expatriates (about 93,000 according to Washington), freezing assets of Kim Jong-un, a ban on imports of North Korean textiles and forcible inspections of vessels on the high seas suspected of violating United Nations resolutions.


To secure the support of Russia and China during the vote, Washington had to lower its claims and strengthen the paragraphs related to the search for a “peaceful” solution to the crisis.

Seoul welcomed the adoption of the resolution, calling it “a severe warning” for Pyongyang. After several days of intensive negotiations, the embargo on natural gas has been maintained but for oil, sales will be limited to 500,000 barrels for three months from 1 October to 2 million barrels in January. For the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Italy, the resolution adopted on Monday is “very solid”, “balanced” and allows the United Nations to assert its unity and determination.

With its tougher sanctions, the UN wants to push Pyongyang to negotiate its nuclear and conventional weapons programs, which are considered threatening for global stability.


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